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Missinglettr Review (2022): Top Features & Pricing

Social Media Management platform designed for content focused teams and companies.

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Missinglettr Overview

Missinglettr Review, a social media scheduling tool that goes beyond just posting. 

The tool has continued to expand over the years, with an active product and customer support team regularly rolling out updates. With each new update, Missinglettr simplifies another aspect of your social media marketing.

With a free base plan, Missinglettr is popular for bloggers looking to set up basic drip campaigns. Expanded paid plans increase the power of Missinglettr further to save you more time and money. Agencies appreciate the agency add-on which makes it easier to manage clients without leaving the Missinglettr dashboard.

Missinglettr weekly calendar view

Missinglettr Top Features

  • Automated drip campaign development
  • New blog detection
  • Curated content library
  • Content amplification capabilities
  • Client management
  • Enhanced analytics reporting
  • Unified calendar tool
  • PDF reporting

As a blogger or marketer, you have a lot of tasks on your plate. Social scheduling tools save you a bit of time over manually posting, but you still have to figure out what you want to post. Missinglettr is designed to make your entire social media marketing management cycle immensely simpler. 

Missinglettr Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns are the core of what Missinglettr provides. After adding your site to Missinglettr, the tool automatically detects each new blog post you publish and begins developing a smart social media campaign based on that content. You can customize the length of your campaigns, the number of posts, and more when setting your account up. 

Then, for each new article posted, you just need to review and approve your campaign in Missinglettr. Missinglettr users love that they save hours each week on developing content and altering it to fit each platform.

Missinglettr dripcampaign view

Missinglettr Curate Library

Missinglettr Curate serves two purposes: 1 – you can share content from the library to bolster your social media presence, 2 – you can add your content to the library to be distributed by other relevant accounts.

Curating content to fill out your social strategy can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of social media management. With Missinglettr Curate, you can grab ready-made social media content and add it right to your schedule.

The Curate library makes it easy to find relevant content with categories based on your interests and stats that make it easy to screen content, like word count and media type. Sharing to the Curate library works similarly. You add a post promoting your blog, or choose one from a drip campaign, then select the relevant categories. 

Curate’s user base is growing each day, with high-quality content seeing dozens of re-shares in less than a week. Missinglettr has provided best practices for content curation to optimize your content.

Missinglettr Social Media Calendar

When you’re managing content across platforms, it can be hard to remember what campaigns you have running where. The Missinglettr Calendar makes it easy to see exactly what posts will go out on which platforms and when. 

See at a glance how your content is distributed across drip campaigns, one-off posts, and curated content. You can also filter by platform, campaign, type of content, and more to quickly find the posts you’re looking for. Agencies enjoy being able to see scheduled posts for all of their clients from one centralized dashboard.

Missinglettr Analytics

Going to each platform you publish on to monitor results and inspect analytics is time-consuming and often challenging. Every site displays analytics over different periods of time, exports differently, and isn’t easy to integrate.

Missinglettr Analytics makes it easy to see where your clicks are coming from. Explore traffic driven across platforms, with modules making it easy to analyze audience location, time engaged, top-performing campaigns, and more.

Why Missinglettr Over Other Scheduling Tools?

Today, there are many options for social media scheduling platforms. With so many tools out there, you may be wondering if Missinglettr is a good fit for your needs. There are a few factors that set Missinglettr apart from industry alternatives.

Post flexibility

From curated content to one-off posts, and signature drip campaigns, Missinglettr makes it easy to publish a variety of content types across all of your platforms. It’s easy to customize your post schedules, campaign templates, and more to make Missinglettr yours.

Missinglettr monthly calendar view

Content library

Curating content can take many hours. Missinglettr makes it easy to browse content relevant to your niche and add those posts right to your social media queue.

Advanced analytics

Missinglettr’s advanced analytics capabilities make it easy to see how your content is performing across platforms, post types, and more. Additionally, the unified location makes it easy to see all of your accounts in one centralized place.


Tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social can cost hundreds of dollars and CoSchedule can reach that price when you start adding additional users. Missinglettr Pro costs just $59/month and includes unlimited users.

Missinglettr Pricing

Missinglettr provides scalable pricing options that fit any budget. Their free forever plan is incredibly powerful and can allow you to start driving results right away with one workspace, social profile, and up to 50 scheduled posts.

The most popular Missinglettr plan is Solo, costing $19 per month. Solo includes one workspace, three social profiles, up to 500 scheduled posts, and the option to add an additional user.

For social media marketers managing multiple brands, Pro costs just $59 per month and includes three workspaces, nine social profiles, up to 3,000 scheduled posts, and the ability to invite unlimited additional users.

Missinglettr also has two add-ons that can further enhance the power of Missinglettr for your brand. Curate gives you unlimited access to sharing content from the Missinglettr Library and lets you promote up to ten posts each month. Agency is perfect for agencies handling multiple client accounts. For $147 monthly, the Agency add-on includes unlimited workspaces, up to 25 social profiles, 10,000 scheduled posts, a custom domain, reporting, and more.

Explore the Missinglettr plans in greater detail, or give one a spin with a 14-day free trial.


Missinglettr FAQs

Q1. How much does Missinglettr cost?

Missinglettr offers a variety of plans ranging, starting with a free plan, up to Pro, which costs $59/month. Agency and Curate are add-ons that can enhance the power of Missinglettr. Explore a detailed pricing breakdown on the Missinglettr website.

Q2. Which social platforms are currently supported?

Missinglettr currently supports Facebook (pages and groups), Twitter, LinkedIn (profiles and pages), and Instagram. 

Q3. How difficult is it to get started with Missinglettr?

Missinglettr makes it easy to start saving time on social (and seeing results!) right away. Within minutes you can connect your RSS feed and Missinglettr will automatically create campaigns for previously published posts as well as being detecting future posts. With a 14-day free trial, you can see just how easy it is to start driving social engagement and traffic.

Q4. How can I get support if I have a question?

Missinglettr’s customer support is one of their best differentiators. Reaching out is easy — you can do so at any time by clicking the lifesaver icon in your account. You can also join the Missinglettr Facebook community to get support from other users, ask for advice, and more.

Q5. Does Missinglettr have a mobile app?

Unfortunately, Missinglettr currently only offers a desktop website interface at this time, but a mobile app is on the product team’s list of future roll-outs!

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