Link Whisper Review (2022): Top Features & Pricing

Increase organic traffic to your site with strong SEO build with internal links.

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Link Whisper Overview

Link Whisper is an internal link building WordPress plugins that offer you easy one-click link insert options.

Internal links are very important from the SEO perspective as it helps the search engines to find all relevant content on your site and index them faster. It also helps in ranking your pages in the search engines.

Link Whisper will suggest you all the relevant link opportunities while you create a new post or edit an old blog post making very a matter of a few clicks to insert links to your internal pages. You will no longer have to go through the tedious internal link building process.

Link Whisper Top Features

  • Smart internal linking solution
  • Improve overall SEO
  • Automatic link suggestion
  • Quickly find related keywords and links to add
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Find and fix broken links
  • Improve ranking with target keywords
  • Get link suggestions from other sites you own

When we talk about SEO, internal links are one of the most important factors that influence ranking.

However, adding internal links manually can be a tedious process and at many times we lose good internal linking opportunities.

In the manual process, you have to find the relevant link-worthy posts on your blog and link those articles one by one.

Link Whisper is a plugin to make the process of internal linking easier for every blogger on the WordPress platform.

Now, with Link Whisper it is a matter of a few clicks to add relevant links to any of your blog posts.

There has been a lot of discussion around backlinks, relevant backlinks from high authority sites. But the process takes a lot of time, effort, or money if you are planning paid outreach.

However, internal linking within your site is entirely in your hand.

Many times, you will see a jump in ranking as you put some internal links from highly relevant pages within your site.

If any of your pages are getting a large number of backlinks from high authority sites, you can pass on the link juice to any of your money pages through internal links.

So, internal links are extremely important.

Let’s look at how Link Whisper can help us in the internal linking process.

How Link Whisper Can Help Websites Rank Better?

Link Whisper is a plugin that can help you improve your website’s link building. It does this by allowing you to add links to your site’s content when you write a new article by suggesting you all relevant content on your site that is already published.

You can add those links with just one click. It will help you to save a lot of your time that you otherwise need to spend looking for relevant content to link.

This plugin will improve the overall SEO by making internal linking easier.

Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin that scans through your blog and offers you a suggestion for internal linking. When you create a new blog post or edit an old blog post, Link Whisper will be your best friend.

As you keep on adding links to all of your blog posts, the overall link structure of your blog will improve and uplift your entire SEO game.

Let’s see how Link Whisper works.

You can install the plugin right from your WordPress dashboard. Go to your WordPress dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New and find Link Whisper.

Install and activate the plugin.

Link Whisper

Once the plugin is activated, you will get the plugin option in the WordPress admin panel.

You will get the option to activate your license to use the premium features of the plugin.

You just have to copy and paste the license code and activate it. The process is simple.

Here is what the general settings look like.

Link Whisper Settings

The settings are self-explanatory, there are options to

  • Open the link in a new window
  • Ignore the works that you select
  • The posts types that you wish to work on
  • Number of sentences to skip while suggesting links

The plugin gives you a quick report of the overall links (internal & external) on your site to give you a glimpse of the current scenario.

Here is what the report looks like.

Link Whisper Report

The report clearly shows that we have the opportunity to improve on the internal link number. And I’m sure Link Whisper will be a great friend throughout that process.

In the links Report section, you will get the details of each page. The number of links on each page (Inbound Internal, Outbound Internal & Outbound external)

That means you will get complete details of each page to make an informed decision on every page.

Links Report Detail

You can click on any of those numbers to get the details of the respective links.

LInk Details

Link Whisper is a plugin that suggests internal link opportunities while editing or writing a new post.

If you are editing an old post, you will see the suggestion right away. You just have to scroll down your page and you will see the Link Whisper suggestion section.

If you are writing a new post, you have to save a draft and refresh the page once to see the suggestions.

Here is how you get the suggestions. You can insert the links with just one click.

It was never so easy to add internal links to any WordPress blog post before. The entire process is automated.

Link Suggestion

Get more than one suggestion for each link.

If you are not satisfied with the main suggested link by the plugin. You have the option to get more than one suggestion for each link.

All you have to do is to click on the down arrow to find the additional suggestions.

More Link Suggestion

Edit The Anchor Text

As Link Whisper uses machine learning to suggest the link options, the anchor text selected by the plugin may not be perfect every time.

So, you have the option to edit the anchor text before adding the link.

Edit Anchor

If you decide to uninstall the Link Whisper plugin for any reason, you are free to do so. It will not have any bad impact on your site or break it in any way.

The internal links placed by using the Link Whisper plugin will still be in place.

Here is the good news for BeginDot users. You can get a 15% exclusive discount on any of the Link Whisper plans using our coupon code.

To get the discount, don’t forget to use the coupon code while checking out.

Link Whisper Coupon Code

Link Whisper Pricing

Link Whisper is a simple WordPress plugin that is created to perform a very important task. There is no complicated settings that you may have to go through or you need to be an expert.

It is a quick plugin and play kind of plugin. However, if you come across any issue with the plugin the developer offers you all the support that you need.

The ticket support system and the knowledge base created around the plugin is good to go.

As far as pricing is concerned. You have 3 different plans to choose from depending on the number of sites you want to use it on.

  • The single site license is for $67
  • 3 Sites license is for $97
  • 10 Sites license is for $147

Link Whisper FAQs

01. What is Link Whisper?

Link Whisper is a WordPress plugin that is created for the internal linking process. It makes the process of inserting internal link quick and simple.

02. How to Use Link Whisper Plugin?

Link Whisper is a simple WordPress plugin that will start working as soon as you activate it. It will scan through your site and suggest you link opportunities while you create new post or edit any old post.

03. Are The Links Created With Link Whisper Permanent?

Yes, the internal links created with the Link Whisper plugin is permanent and just like any other link that you create manually.

04. What Happens When I Uninstall The Plugin?

The links created with Link Whisper will still be in place even if you remove the plugin from your WordPress site as those links are just like any other links once they are placed.

05. Who Should Use Link Whisper?

Link Whisper is a must have WordPress plugin for any website because internal links are important for any website to rank better. However, when it comes to bloggers and marketers, niche site owners, Link Whisper can do wonder.

06. How Can I get Discount on Link Whisper Plugin

Link Whisper is a premium plugin that you need to buy license for. You can use our coupon code “begin” to get 15% exclusive discount.

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