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With over 15 years of experience, 101domain is offering online products and services to streamline the business. Domain registration as the core business, 101domain offers a number of other related services like web hosting SSL certificate, email services, and more.

So, if you are looking for an all in one tyle of a platform to manage your online business 101domain is for you. You can get your domain name from 101domain, you get amazing discount when you go for bulk domain registration.

They offer a range of different hosting plans such as normal web hosting services, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting, and more. You can host your business email on 101domain or your GSuite through the 101domain platform.

They offer a very easy to use website builder so that you don’t have to look for any other website builder again. So, overall 101domain offers a comprehensive solution when it comes to managing your online business.

Let’s have a look at it in detail.

If you are looking for a reliable 101domain.com Review, then look no further because this is an in-depth and hands-on review of a hosting provider service that has been competing quite steadily in the market. 

Choosing and deciding the one hosting service for your business is all about what your business is about and what it actually demands.

You have to decide what all features do you need and what all can you compromise. And above all, you have to take care of the budget. 

So here we present you an in-depth analysis of 101domain.com which will help you decide if this is the one hosting service you need or not. 

What is 101domain?

As is it pretty clear from the name itself, 101domain.com is a domain registration providing service, but additionally, it also offers web hosting service, and other related services as well. 

One of the most interesting aspects of 101domain.com is the all the packages offered here are somewhat feasible for both personal portfolio websites and multifunctional businesses.

101domain runs the backend of NIC.IO, NIC.SH, and NIC.AC.

101domain offers more extensions that any domain registrar in the world. So, no matter what extension you are looking for 101domain will have an option for you.

It currently offers over 1,800 TLDs and SLDs. 101domain specialize in international domains

Some of the major must-have features you get in this hosting service is SSL certification, shared web hosting, and domain registration. 

As mentioned above, this is primarily a domain registration service, hence it lacks some major features like there is no VPS available. Therefore you have to believe that this an affordable and easy-to-go with hosting service provider.   

101domain.com Review

101domain Review: Major Features and Services 

Any hosting provider’s quality is measured with respect to the kind and level of features & services it provides, and of course the performance of these features altogether.

So let’s take a look at the features provided by 101domain.com.

Domain Registration

101domain, as the name suggests is primarily for domain registration and management of your domain.

When it comes to online businesses, the domain names are the most important properties.

No matter where you live in, you can use 101domain to register your country specific domain name.

Other than registering a new domain, you can transfer a domain from other platform and manage it on 101domain.

If you are looking for a domain with a specific extension, you must have a look at 101domain as it offers a wide range of local, and generic extensions.

It also releases a variety of new extensions that you might find interesting.

Bulk Domain Registration With Discount

If you need domain names in bulk, look no further. 101domain offers you amazing discount when you register more than one domain name at a time.

Bulk Domain Registration

Web Hosting Solution

Along with domain registration, 101domain offers you a web hosting solution as well.

You have a variety of different hosting plans to choose from. The prices of hosting plans starts at $7.99 per moth and goes up as per the plan you select.

They offer normal web hosting solution, cloud hosting as well as dedicated hosting for big corporate clients.

101domain Cloud Hosting

Plesk Control Panel

This is very easy to use control panel using which you can manage your complete web hosting service. The control panel is equipped with a ton of different features like the one-click installer for Joomla, WordPress, and other applications. 

You can also activate regular automatic data backups to take care of your data and security. However, it is always recommended to customers to practice regular backups themselves on a regular basis.

Plesk Control Panel

SSL Certificate

That is why 101domain.com also offers premium SSL certificates at decent prices, as well as a personal SSL certificate for your personal business or startup. 

Moreover, you can also choose from Wildcard or Premium SSL certificates in case you have large scale businesses. All of these SSL certificates are authenticated by Sectigo ensuring high-quality security.       

SSL Certificate

Easy Website Builder

101domain also offers a full-fledged easy to use website builder, using which you can create websites and webpages easily and quickly.

The website builder consists of a drag and drop feature which makes setting up the webpage very easy.  

You also get additional features like SEO panel, Click to Call, Stock Images, and more.

Easy Website Builder

Email Service

101domain.com offers a complete email suite with its hosting service. The email service is super easy and is very user friendly.

The email service can be managed from all kinds of mobile devices like phone, tablet, and laptop. 

You get a simple to use What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) editor to customize HTML emails. 

You can execute features like email preview, multiple mailbox management, continuous backups, folder tree, built-in attachment viewer, and search filters as well. 

Along with the email suite, you can also get the G-Suite service for your email, delivering you all the amazing Google services inside the hosting service to ease off the collaboration productivity. 

Email Service

101domain Review: Performance 


One of the major factors in deciding your ideal hosting service is what level of security the hosting service has to offer.

And this becomes even more important when the provider additionally offers you an email, website builder, and other additional services. 

101domain implies the Cloudfare security service which gives a high level of protection to your hosting and its additional features. This secures the website from DDos attacks and actually helps in speeding up the website.


101domain.com has an impressive and much needed 99.99% uptime, and any your website is very unlike to face any speed bumps or downtimes.

This factor becomes even more important as this is an important aspect of SEO. 

Additonal Features

101domain also offers you a lot of important and must-have features and services that would be needed in expanding your online business.

It includes Brand and Trademark Monitoring feature, for better monitoring the presence of your brand and its image.

Also, features like DMARC Email reporting, portfolio review, and Domain acquisition is also there your medium and large-sized businesses. 

Overall, the performance of this hosting service is above average, and keeping in mind the said limitations, 101domain really does well in all major areas. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Plesk control panel offered in this hosting service is pretty amazing and has a lot and is definitely a selling point of this service. The built-in features of the panel like the one-click installer for WordPress and Joomla and automatic backups make this feature a plus point for 101domain
  • Domain renewals and transfer facility of this hosting service is one of the easiest and quickest to do. Considered a very complicated step to execute, here the said can be achieved in a few minor steps
  • Free SSL certificate and the free domain name that the buyer gets with all the plans are just another amazing selling factors of this service 
  • The customer support offered here is very reliable and is enough to resolve all the usual and frequent concerns
  • Another very interesting feature of this service is a large number of TLDs available there for registration, including the country domains. This service is hardly ever found in other service providers like GoDaddy or in-hosting. 
  • The email service provided by 101domain is just simply amazing. G-Suite integration, Multiple mailboxes, and safe & secure emailing service gives an additional thumbs up for 101domain.com
  • Another factor that makes this service considerable is affordability. The packages offered are very cheap as compared to the competitors in the market. This gives an upper hand to 101domain


  • No 24/7 support service is a big setback here as most of 101domain’s competitors are offering 24/7 support service, as well as 24/7 live direct customer support
  • The web builder is not free. The web builder offered here is pretty good and easy to use, but putting the price tag on that ultimately makes the overall package much more expensive than the price mentioned
  • The domain registration takes a lot of time for country domains. This problem has been reported by a lot of users all around the world and we’re pretty sure the team must be working on fixing this issue anytime soon


One of the biggest things this service needs to work on is its customer support service. 101domain.com doesn’t offer a full-fledged 24/7 customer support service, which has become a market trend in the recent past. 

Many of the competitors, like GoDaddy, provide a compete live chat 24/7 customer support service and has helped the company in maintaining loyal customers. 

The team is working on building up the 24/7 customer support service and ensures to provide the best support possible to its customers. As of now, you can ask for customer support via phone, call, email, and ticket submission system.

The domain service also offers a complete dedicated blog filled with useful information for any kind of technical help.  

Overall, the customer support is decent here and can perform better with the 24/7 live chat service launched soon. For now, this is an area where 101domain has to work more on. 


There are three web hosting plans you can choose from. All of them are packed with comparatively above average features and services.

The lowest cost plan takes $7.99/month, which includes services like 50GB web storage, unlimited bandwidth, and 5 extra subdomains. 

The Business hosting plan is a great choice for small businesses and start-ups. You get all the services of the personal plan and some other additonal services.  

The Business Pro Hosting plan costs $24.99/month with Free domain proxy and domain name, additionally with all the services of the business hosting plan. 


With the amazing services offered such as SSL Certificate, Free domain, Email Services, Website builder, and 30-days money-back guarantee, this is a very considerable domain service provider.

The performance is actually up to the mark and has a 99.99% uptime. The company has made a decent amount of client base for itself and with such affordable packages, this is definitely a great choice to go for. 

01. What is 101domain?

101domain is an online platform that offers a number of different products and services for your online business. Starting from domain registration to email services, you can completely depend on 101domain to manage your business.

02. Is 101domain Expensive?

101domain is at per with other similar services. However, they offer you a discount if you for bulk domain registration.

03. What Are the Advantages of 101domain?

101domain is an all in one type of platform. They offer domain registration service, web hosting service, email management, free SSL certificate with their hosting as well as paid certificates, website builder, and a number of corporate services like trademark and more.

So, you don’t have to spend extra time that you need to invest on different platforms for different services, the entire process becomes easier to manage.

04. Can I Transfer My Domain That is Currently Hosted Elsewhere?

Yes, you can. If you have domain names on platforms like GoDaddy or other similar platforms you can easily get them transferred to 101domain and manage it here.

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