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How to Repurpose your Old Content?

Last updated: November 17, 2016

High quality content is the heart and soul of any internet marketing campaign. It may be your blog posts, the copy on your website, the content of your email newsletters and even the speeches and presentations your give.

High quality fresh content can help you to gain the interest of your target audience and educate them about your products and services. Good quality and well written content that appeals to the emotions can help build trust enough to turn your target audience into customers.

However, it is difficult to continuously churn out fresh and engaging content on an everyday basis. It is also quite time consuming and tedious to create fresh content from scratch. There is hope for those who find it difficult to come up with fresh and original content every time.

All you need to do is repurpose your old content in such a way that it appeals to the audiences just like fresh content.

What content should be repurposed?

First of all, you should make sure that the content is evergreen. This means that it should be relevant and useful over a period of months at least if not years. Then again, the content should be about popular topics, and for such topics you can check your Google Analytics.

You should study old posts that became extremely popular and try to gauge what made them so. You may find content that is mostly relevant and useful except for some outdated references. You can eliminate these and repurpose your content to give it a stylish new appeal.

Change the format

This is one of the easiest methods to repurpose old content, because all you must do is take your blog post and turn it into a podcast, speech, or video. You can also take material from a number of blog posts and create 20-30 minutes worth material.

Text cannot be reused online due to plagiarism issues which can impact your SEO in a negative manner. However, if you change the format then you can avoid this problem and still reuse the content.

Of course, you can also reverse this process and create interesting content from different sources. The best place to look is among your old speeches and presentations that could be repurposed into online content and be given a fresh appeal.

Another method is to take boring statistics and build a story around them. You can use infographics to give life to these stories or turn the story into a new report which will help in generating new leads.

A source that you may not have thought about is your old emails. You may have provided people with lengthy explanations or given answers to their questions. You can easily turn these into blog posts.

Refresh Your Old Material

It is a good idea to look at your old blog posts, because you already know which ones of them were the most successful. You can refresh them by adding new material or information in them. In this way you will be using the quality of content that has already got you success in the past and is likely to be successful now as well.

However, as mentioned above the posts that you refresh should be evergreen in nature. This means that you should completely stay away from news or update types of content because they have a short life. Instead you should focus on tutorials or tips which will be relevant for a longer time.

Turn a Numbered Summary into Individual Posts

As most bloggers know, numbered list posts are always successful. Most readers dig up information that comes in small sizes. You can refresh these posts by taking each individual topic and adding relevant material to it, to turn it into a full post.

You can also do the opposite, by taking few posts on the same subject and turning them into a summary post. People will love the reference posts with summaries on each major topic. At the same time, you also get the benefit of creating new content quickly by borrowing from the original content.

Mix and Match

Every blog post has two elements – a body and a story. Usually it is easy to build up the body of the post, with the facts and information that you want to give the readers. However, apart from the meat, there also needs to be some creativity in presenting the facts.

This is because most people are not touched by dry facts and information. There are many sources for facts like Wikipedia and they don’t really need to read your blog posts for this. Instead your aim should be to entertain them and connect with them emotionally.

This is the reason that you will have to create a theme for your blog post. This is the story that you post tells and makes it stand out from other content on the internet. At the same time, you are also able to inject your own personality into it.

Once you have the body as well as the story in your mind, you can mix and match the content to enhance its appeal and lifespan. For instance, you can take the body of one of your earlier blog posts and simply change the story to give it a fresh appeal.

This is a very good option, because you already know that the post will be successful as it was in the past. Of course, you may be worried about repeating yourself, but repetition is actually good.

This is because, most people do not understand or internalize a subject in one go. You need to repeat yourself in order for them to do so, especially if your perspective is a unique one. At the same time, it is unlikely that with their busy minds, people will actually notice that you reused the same topic on two different sites, or even on the same site.

With repetition, you will be able to solidify the idea for people and help them remember it more effectively. This will embed your message deep into their psyche and go a long way in creating a loyalty towards your ideas in their minds.


There are many other methods with the help of which you can reuse your old content and infuse a fresh appeal into it. For these methods, you can conduct a thorough research online and read some articles and blogs especially dedicated to the subject.

Reusing your old content has many benefits as mentioned above, and the major one among them is a significant saving of time and effort which you can utilize in other more productive activities.

How to Repurpose your Old Content?
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