Publisher Theme Review: Don’t Buy It

Publisher Theme review

We did a test run of theme a few years ago when it used to be sold on the ThemeForest marketplace. Lot have changed since then, more features are being added and service deteriorated.

The Publisher is one of the most powerful multipurpose magazine themes if you look at the features it offers. You can create any website with this one single theme.

  • Over 50 demo templates
  • Website builder
  • Google AMP & Facebook Instant Article ready
  • Comeplete ad management options
  • Super quick loading time
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Email newsletter forms

The Publisher theme is a powerful when you look at the features it offers that will help you to create a great looking website within a couple of hours.

The Publisher offers you 58 ready to be used demo design templates that you can import in just a click and use on your site.

So, your site will be up and ready within a few minutes. Once you import the design, you can customize it according to your needs.

As you have the drag-and-drop website builder with the theme, you will be able to create a completely unique design for your site without writing a single line of code.

Why Are We Asking You Not to Buy the Theme

Generally when we review a product, we look at the pros and cons. And while we mention the cons, we emphasise more in the pros because it takes a lot of time and hard work to create a quality products.

And no matter how comprehensive your development process is, there will be some shortcomings that can be improved or added later.

The price reason why are we asking not to buy these products is because of the following reasons.

  • Terrible customer support
  • Very unprofessional team
  • Better alternative available (Newspaper Theme)
  • You can use a lightweight theme instead such as Astra or GeneratePress which are SEO friendly and offers you all the features you need.

Still, we have included all the features it offers in detail, you are free to make your decision.

Let’s have a look at the top features of the Publisher theme.

The theme comes with a big list of demo design templates that you can use on your website. The demo design templates are very helpful while you are settings up your site. Just import any of the available designs that you like and your site is ready.

The Publisher theme offers you a quick one-click import option to make your site ready instantly.


Facebook Instant Article and Google AMP

Facebook Instant Article and Google AMP are some of the important features for content publishers at the moment. And the theme offers you both the features readily available.

To help you set up everything perfectly, the theme offers you a built-in AMP page validator so that you don’t have to face any issue for that in the future.

Also, the theme is ready for the AMP page ads. You will be able to set up separate ads for the AMP pages so that you don’t miss the opportunity to cash in from the mobile users.


Powerful Theme Options Panel

The Publisher theme comes with a very powerful and comprehensive theme options panel where you can set up all the details for your site and change them whenever you wish to.

Each of the options in the admin panel comes with its own set of settings so that everything is perfectly optimized.


Going Deep Inside

As already mentioned, the theme comes with its own set of settings for all the options. You can unlimited color options and you can use the theme options panel set the color for each and every section of your site.

In case you wish to go back to the default color settings, you have a button to set them back to default.

So, in just one click, all your settings will be back to the default options which is very helpful. And this back to default button is there for all the settings options.

For example, here is the screenshot of the typography settings. If you wish to go back to the default typography settings at any point in time, you can use the button.


For your information, the Publisher theme offers you a wide range of typography options to choose from.


Settings Default Thumbnail for Your Posts

There could be instances when you forget to set up the featured image for your blog post and you just press the publish button.

In general, there will be no featured image for that post, this is how all the theme functions.

The Publisher theme gives you an option to set up the default thumbnail for a post option. If you enable this feature the first image of the post will be set as the featured image for your content.

This can be a very helpful feature for bloggers and news sites that produce a lot of content regularly.


Avoid Content Duplication

Duplicate content on a page can ruin the overall SEO of your site in the long run. The Publisher theme gives you an option to avoid content duplication for the sites that produce a lot of content and display content from a number of different categories and layout on the homepage.

The no duplicate content feature will quickly make your site clean from any duplicate content on any page of your site.

So, no matter how you have set your categories, tags on a page, one post will be displayed only once.

Strong SEO For Your Site

SEO is undoubtedly the most important factor for any online business. No matter how cool your site looks, if it doesn’t get traffic everything else is a waste.

The Publisher theme makes sure that your site has all the SEO settings properly set as far as the coding standard of the theme is concerned.

The theme is very fast so that your users have a great experience on your site. Also, the loading time is one of the most important factors when it comes to SEO.

Other than the speed, the theme has incorporated the techniques that are helpful for overall SEO with the recommendation from the Google Certified experts.

  • The theme works perfectly with all important cache plugins
  • It comes with built-in JSON-LD Support
  • 100% Valid AMP Contents
  • And very quick loading time


Custom Widgets

The Publisher theme offers you a number of very helpful custom widgets that will make sure that you don’t have to install a separate plugin for a number of important functionalities on your site.1

Some of the important widgets that every site need are

  • Social Counter widget
  • Social Login Option
  • Email Subscription Widget
  • Instagram Widget
  • Over 30 Content Listing Widgets

Beautiful Sign-up Forms 

We all understand the importance of clearing an email list for business. Most of the WordPress themes don’t offer you an email subscription option with the theme and you need to install an email subscription plugin so that you can capture email on your site.

The Publisher theme readily offers you a number of amazing email subscription widget with a great design that you can use to increase your email list.


Social Counters & Share Buttons

Now, can you avoid this on your site? I’m sure not. The social sharing options are one of the basic requirements for any online business and all the top marketers suggest you showcase the overall social share count so that the new visitor understands that your article is already popular.

Popularly known as social proof can turn around things for online businesses.


The publisher theme comes with comprehensive advertisement options, so you don’t have to depend on any third-party plugin to place and manage your ads.

The theme offers you the ad management option for both the normal and the AMP version of your site.

The theme offers you over 100 different placement options for the ads. No matter you are using Google Das or any other ad format, the theme will take care of your requirements.

Other than the normal placement, the theme gives you the infeed advertisement option which is considered as one of the top converting ad types these days.

You can choose the number of posts after which you would like to place the ad.


Smart List & Stylish Quotes

As this theme is primarily created for the content publishers, the theme takes care of the content styling perfectly. If you present your content in a great looking design the engagement goes up almost instantly.

The Publisher theme gets creative with the content design and offers you a number of amazing options to create great looking blog posts.

You have the Publisher smart list option that will help you to create multipage list content to increase the number of page views and engagement.

As far as design is concerned, you have amazing styling options to create beautiful content.

Translate The Theme to Other Languages

The Publisher theme makes it simple and easy for the users who would like to use the theme in other languages than English. You have a quick option in the theme panel to translate the theme in other languages.

You just have to select the language and done.

Over 20 Premium Plugins

You will save a lot of money while using the Publisher theme as it offers you over 20 very useful premium plugins for free with the theme.

You have the WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer) drag-and-drop website builder, Facebook Live Chat, Financial pack and more.


Migrate From Other Popular Theme & Plugins

In case you are already using a popular theme and you wish to migrate your site to the Publisher theme you have the quick migration option from over 80 different WordPress products without losing any data.


Review Conclusion

We have listed all the important features that the Publisher theme offers, now you can make your decision.

The advantage of the Publisher theme is that it makes you feel complete from the features and options point of view.

However, if you are looking for a theme that is long-lasting, constantly updated, and backed by a very professional team. The Newspaper theme is the one you should choose over the Publisher theme.

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