6 Practical Tips on How to Start Educational Writing Business

Writing Small Business



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Educational writing can not only be an obligatory home assignment, but also an exciting business opportunity for you.

If you wish to start a small business around the essay writing, we have outlined the important points that you need to consider in this article.

So, an idea to earn money for composing essays might be an excellent example of how doing what you’re passionate about can bring profits. 

Have you ever found yourself willing to embody own writing potential in practice?

Put all the hesitations away and check out some tips on how to launch your own small educational writing business

Conduct prior research

Since the workload of students is continuously growing, the market is, respectively, expanding. Demand always grows, so, gradually, more and more new companies emerge. 

For instance, once you type ‘can you write my essay’ on Google, you can instantly see how many well-established writing companies there are. 

Apparently, this all leads to the sharpening of a competitive situation and undermines one’s chances of succeeding in the market.

Nonetheless, analyzing the market and competitors prior to making business decisions is key to success. You may opt for referring to different statistics and data about companies as well as customers to know what to expect and how to adapt quickly.

Without previous research, it is still possible to get a position, but the returns might not satisfy you fully. 

Search for talented, dedicated writers

Needless to say, it is rather impossible for you to run a writing business solely.

You will need to gather a team of dedicated writers who strive to deliver quality essays as much as you do. Since a flawless quality is what all students want to get for their money, we recommend you to put effort into searching for professional writers.

There is no strong necessity to hire full-time employees because writers can work remotely.

And, of course, it is highly unlikely that you will want to start off by launching a large-scale business, so hiring 1-2 writers will be enough, for starters. 

Create a user-friendly website 

When people google “write an essay for me”, they are always inclined to choose that website that is represented by a user-friendly interface.

here is an example of writing services site. https://www.customwritings.com

So, once you’ve made up your mind about launching a small writing business, proceed with developing a website.

When customers search for the writer, they want to get all the necessary information about prices, writers, and support.

Keeping in mind all these three points and making sure you outline sufficient data on those matters will help you get more loyal customers. 

Be active in social media 

Millions of people might be wondering how and where to find ‘write my essay for me’ companies.

And, as you already know, social media is the top place to find potential customers. Increase your own presence on social media, advertise your company, find out who needs help.

Overall, a good social media campaign can attract a lion share of your potential customers and open new small business opportunities. 

Work on increasing organic traffic 

Apparently, to make more and more people know about your essay writing business, you will undeniably need to advertise your services. To boost traffic and make your website familiar to more visitors, you might opt for a robust variety of advertising methods.

First of all, you can order ads from Facebook or Twitter, if you give preference to online means.

If you don’t mind focusing on offline means, you may create promotional products or business cards and spread them in places that are typically popular among students (e.g., campus, canteen). 

Be ready to provide sufficient support 

A writing business often requires much time and attention to the tiniest details. Taking the specificity of such services into account, you might be expected to be available even at night.

Since you cannot physically handle managing all the issues regarding the essays 24/7, you may want to search for a support specialist.

If you manage this, your ‘write essay for me’ small business will be winning, since happy customers will turn back again and again.

Overall, there is nothing that can prevent you from launching your small writing business.

To make this a reality, simply think about how you can differentiate yourself and what you can do to make your essays’ quality recognized! 


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