20 Mangastream Alternatives: Enjoy Your Favorite Comics

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Here is a curated and highly-detailed list of the best Mangastream alternatives available out there. Mangastream was one of the best online scanlation databases of comics which allowed anyone to read some of the best Japanese comics without any kind of added charges. 

After almost 10 years of its official release, the team has taken the site down. Although there was no clear reason given for this takedown, it is widely anticipated that the original makers forced the Mangastream team to take the website down.  

So, without any future ado, here we begin with our well-researched list of the best Mangastream Alternatives. 

01. MangaFreak 

Although one of the most underrated scanlation websites available online for Manga, MangaFreak actually has a torrent of comic and related content from different genres on the platform.

One of the best features included here is that users can download manga comics without any hassle. MangaFreak might not be as popular as some other platforms in this list but is definitely a great alternative to Mangastream.


02. Mangareader

One of the most powerful and easy to use online scanlation databases for comics in this list, Mangareader is definitely powerful enough to offer any reader with new manga comics daily.

The best part here is that it is absolutely free to read, unlike Mangastream’s costly pricing. The overall layout of the website, as well as of that of the content is simply amazing.

The platform also offers a mobile app for easy of reading.   


Mangastream Alternatives

03. MangaFox

An online free platform for the manga comic readers out there, MangaFox empowers you to read any kind of manga comic without any kind of registration or any type of payment.

This manga platform has over 8000 manga comics in a centralized interface. All of these comics are absolutely the latest versions of themselves. MangaFox offers you a hasslefree and simplified reading experience. 


04. MangaDex

MangaDex not only offers you a lot of different types of mangas but also offers you a lot of different versions of each of those manga comics.

These offered versions include multi-colored comic versions, edited fan-fiction versions with twisted endings, as well as official crossover online series.

With manga comics offered in over 20 different languages and some of the most manga options, MangaDex is definitely a great alternative option for Mangastream. 


05. MangaHere

MangaHere has one of the biggest collections of manga comics for manga readers from around the world.

Interestingly, unlike any other platform, MangaHere changes its website’s URL quite frequently. The platform offers scanned manga comics collections, mostly packed with Japanese manga comics.

With dedicated news sections and spoilers, MangaHere ticks all the boxes for being the best in the business. 



06. MangaOwl 

MangaOwl is another very popular platform for manga comics online these days. With regular releases of WSJ sequences episodes, the popularity of MangaOwl has reached a new height.

The best part is that the platform releases WSJ episodes well before the official release. Definitely being one of the best alternatives for Mangastream website, MangaOwl offers almost everything a manga reader could ask for.

The orange-colored theme with a huge database empowers you with an easy to navigate and a well-organized interface.   


07. MangaTown

A website with one of the biggest online manga database in the business, MangaTown is another very feasible option for mangastream alternative.

With one of the most beautiful and easy to use interface in the business, MangaTown is considered to be the best platform for all kinds of new manga readers. The experience of reading manga comics on this platform is one of the best for sure. 


08. MangaPark

One of the most talked about and easy to use manga platform in the online market, MangaPark has created a huge fan base for itself since its inception.

The best features included here are the regular comic updates and top-notch quality of each and every online comic.

Straightforward and minimalistic looks with an option for loading 10 images per chapter, MangaPark is definitely here to stay for a while now. 



09. Manganelo 

Manganelo is another buzz-making manga comics platform for online manga readers across the globe. With a huge collection of manga comics including both new and legendary manga comics, Manganleo’s comic collection is one of the biggest in the business for sure.

All of these comics are available for free. Additional features included here are bookmarks, history reading, and added customizable functionalities. 


10. Mangakakalot 

Mangakakalot is another comprehensive online manga platform with a simple to use interface. With features like trending mangas, full-version mangas, and high-speed uploading, Mangakakalot is absolutely a great alternative. 


11. Mangadoom  

Mangadoom is one of the best platforms for people who read comics all the time. Free chatting options and latest manga reading availability, Mangadoom is one of the swifts and easy to navigate online manga platforms for sure. 


12. Mangago

With the most simple to use and easy to search online platform for mangas, Mangago is definitely the best alternative for online manga readings. Mangago offers a comprehensive solution with free mangas from all different genres. 


13. TenManga

Not a very popular name in the market, TenManga is one of the new entrants in the online scanlation website in this list. Searching for comics and reading comics on this platform is very easy, considering the extensive database it carries. 



14. Mangareborn 

Another new entrant in the mangas market, Mangareborn broadcasts all kinds of manga comics around the world. You can also chat and easily search for unknown manga titles easily with Mangareborn. 


15. MangaPanda

Another interesting alternative for mangastream, MangaPanda offers over 1000s of manga comics in top-quality on the very home page of the website. Also available as an app, MangaPanda is a must visit for sure. 


16. MangaEden 

Mangaeden is another very feasible alternative to mangastream. MangaEden is a very simple to use comic platform with regular updates and Dragon Ball Super add ons.

MangaEden also enables you to integrate any manga comic of your choice into the platform effortlessly. If you are looking for an all-in-one online manga comic platform with mangastream features, MangaEden is the right choice for sure. 


17. Mangairo

Mangairo is undoubtedly one of the easiest to use alternative platforms for mangastream. Mangairo has an attractive collection of manga comics including the brand new products in the market.

Mangario is one of the only platforms which is always having up to date content with the regularity of comics for all kinds of readers. 



18. KissManga 

KissManga offers hundreds of thousands of comics for all kinds of manga comic lovers from all around the world,  so that you can easily read anything without any search hassle.

Offering some of the highest of comic quality with a long list of exclusive comics for all kinds of readers, KissManga even offers you an intuitive feature that notifies you for new chapters and updates. Also sharing new and top trending manga comics is also very easy on KissManga.

If you have read comics on Mangastream and have literally loved the simple to use interface, then you would definitely love KissManga as well. Notable also is the feature that allows you to send feedback to the creators without any hassle, in just a few clicks. 


19. Comixology

A fully cloud-based alternative for mangastream, Comixology offers over a hundred thousand comics to choose from on the online platform.

As more you explore on Comixology, you’ll notice the ease of the content viewership on this platform. Languages offered here include Chinese, American English, and Korean. The look and feel of this platform is completely premium and is one of the best for sure. 


20. ToonGet

ToonGet allows you to enjoy your favorite comics and anime related shows in a simple to navigate interface. The content available on this platform is up-to-date and is very user-friendly.

ToonGet is absolutely free to use and even allows you to signup in with just a few clicks. The best part here is that you can easily access this online manga comic platform from any device at any time of the world. 




This was the list of the best Mangastream Alternatives available online these days. All of these platforms offer amazing content and are very easy to use, even if you are a new reader in the online manga comics world.

All you gotta do is to start reading today! 

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