Cost Per Acquisition

Cost Per Acquisition is the cost involved in acquiring a paying customer for your business. Know more.

What is Cost Per Acquisition?

Cost per acquisition, or cost per conversion, is a growth marketing metric that calculates the total cost of a user’s action that results in a conversion.

Conversions can come in many different forms, but they are typically sales, purchases, clicks, sign-ups, form submissions, or app downloads. Every business needs a CPA since it gives you a business viewpoint with which to evaluate the success of your marketing efforts.

What is Cost Per Acquisition

Why is Cost Per Acquisition important?

  • Cost per acquisition is extremely important to track because it gives you a sense of how successful your advertising campaign is.
  • You should calculate CPA with other metrics such as ROI, ROAS, and conversion rate to get a complete picture of how well your ad campaign is functioning.
  • If your CPA turns out to be higher than you had anticipated after calculating it, your strategy may need to be modified.

When to use Cost Per Acquisition?

Influencer and Affiliate marketing

A person or corporation can earn money by advertising the goods or services of another company using affiliate marketing, a less well-known marketing technique.

Social Media Marketing

Marketing through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat is known as social media marketing. It aims to increase your clicks and impressions to as many users as possible.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a method of search engine marketing where advertisers target users looking for products and services using the Google Ads network and other platforms.

Display Marketing

Advertisers utilize banner and display adverts on websites and other social media platforms as a sort of display advertising.

How to reduce Cost Per Acquisition?

Landing page improvement

As the first page, your customers see after clicking on your ad, your landing pages have a big impact on conversions.

Finding the purpose of a purchase

You can determine the purchase intent for different sources of visitors using surveys, and you can then modify your marketing budget accordingly.

Process improvement for checkout

The average percentage of shopping carts abandoned at the checkout is 68%, and hidden fees are the main cause of cart abandonment.


To make sure that your landing page’s promise matches the promise in your advertisement, use dynamic text replacement.

Google Quality Score Improvement

Google rates the quality and relevancy of both your keywords and PPC advertising using a system called Quality Score.

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