Comparison Table Of Industrial Linear Actuators


Our world is always in motion. With the development of the newest technologies, this constant motion is evolving. Linear actuators are one of the best examples of such a progress.

The first linear actuators were mechanical. They used a screw, one of the simple machines invented in Ancient Greece, to translate angular motion into linear one.

Later, as the technology evolved, the actuators evolved too. Using compressed liquids and gases, engineers were able to make the device much more accessible and easier to implement.

Here’s where the popularity of linear actuators skyrocketed and they became indispensable.

Now, linear actuators are powered by electricity. There are a lot of them that are made for our everyday needs. However, there also are some models that can output some extra power and that can be used in manufacturing.

Let’s take a look at this type of actuators and compare some of the most popular models on the market.

Which Industries Need Industrial Actuators?

First, let’s determine whether you should be interested in the subject or not. Does the branch you’re working in need the power of an industrial actuator? The simple answer is: if you need to do some heavy lifting – then probably yes.

Electric linear actuators have a number of benefits that are helpful in a number of industries. They can be used in environments with extreme temperature or high concentration of dangerous chemicals, which makes them great for mining and other similar trades.

They can also be used with great accuracy, which is why there are a lot of linear actuators on machinery manufacturing lines and even in packaging and other automated industries.

Comparison Parameters

So, which parameters define whether or not the industrial linear actuator is any good? The most obvious answer is the weight it can lift – the bigger, the better, right? Well, there are actually many more important criterions you can lean on. Some of the most influential ones include:

  • Stroke – the length the actuator can reach;
  • Speed – the higher it is, the more powerful the actuator is;
  • Voltage – the parameter that determines the type of the power source needed.

Comparison Table Of Industrial Linear Actuators

Model Force, lbs Stroke, inches Speed, inches/second Price, $
Firgelli Industrial Heavy Duty Actuator 2200 10 – 30 490
Warner Linear K2XG20 2200 4 – 18 0,5 700
Progressive Automations PA-13 3000 4 – 40 0,25 465
Thomson Electrak HD12B160 3600 4 – 40 0,2

The main construction elements for all the mentioned actuators are similar, the input voltage needed for each of them is 12 V.

1. Firgelli Industrial Heavy Duty Actuator

Firgelli is a relatively young actuator manufacturing company. They have a wide selection of drives for all purposes. But how good are their industrial actuators?

It would be comfortable for you to use Firgelli Heavy Duty Actuator with cargos of up to 2200 pounds, which is a good result, but not that impressive. The lowest stroke length for this model is 10 inches.

As you can see from the table, it is not as suitable for work with higher accuracy as other actuators. All in all, it is a solid choice for your business, but you can definitely find something better.

2. Warner Linear K2XG20

Warner Linear is one of the top suppliers of industrial linear actuators. So, what place does this model take up on the market?

This actuator is able to lift the same weight as the previous one, but it has some advantages over it. Most notably, this model is one of the fastest among the mentioned. Although it is an amazing improvement, it literally comes at a price – this device in the most expensive on the list.

3. Progressive Automations PA-13

This industrial actuator is among the more heavy-lifting models, as it is able to lift 3,000 pounds at the speed of a quarter of an inch per second. Such a max load is enough for most tasks you might need it for.

Furthermore, it has an amazing quality/price ratio. For an important tool for your manufacturing, you would only have to pay $465. You might not think it’s cheap, but the actuator is definitely worth the price.

4. Thomson Electrak HD12B160

Another heavy lifter, Thomson’s Electrak is among the most powerful linear actuators, available to the general public. As well as the previously mentioned model, it is not only able to lift heavy cargo, but also to do it in the harshest of the environments possible.

So, if you need to lift something at a temperature of up to 85 degrees Celsius, this actuator is just for you.

In Conclusion

Industrial linear actuators are the tools of the future. They are one of the main things that will help us to automatize the hard and dangerous labor. So, if you want to upgrade your business, buy one of the progressive actuators right now!

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