6 Best Tips For Blogging Beginners for Quick Success

Blogging Success

20 years ago, blogs didn’t exist. Today, there are over 150 million of them. Having a blog is the single most important thing a business, cause, or a person can do to advance in the online world. There are thousands of guides out there about how to set up the perfect blog.

In my opinion, there is no “one right way” to approach blogging if you want to be successful. Here, are some of the tips that you should consider if you are new to blogging.

Blogging Tips for Bigneers

01. Choosing a Blogging Platform

With the popularity and number of blogging platforms increasing each day, it is extremely important that you choose the platform best suited to your blogging needs. Though there are some blogging platforms available, I would strongly recommend you to use WordPress for the obvious reasons that it is simple, user-friendly, reliable and of course free of cost.

WordPress powers millions of blogs and is responsible for a majority of the digital content available on the Internet today. Furthermore, there are numerous themes that you can test and try out to see the one that you are most comfortable with. WordPress is so much more than just a blogging tool and is considered as one of the easiest platforms for users especially for all of you beginners.

02. Choosing a Good Web Hosting

Choosing a Good Web Hosting is another very important step that bloggers need to be mindful about. Deciding whether to pay for your blog or get a free one is one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make. In the following section let’s see what is free and self-hosted blogging platforms along with their pros and cons.

Free Blogging Platform

As the name suggests, it is a freely available platform where u can start your blogging. Sign up for an account, get a domain (such as www.example.com), and set up your site.

Pros of a free blog:

  1. Obviously, no start-up costs are involved.
  2. Anyone, with no prior knowledge of web design, can set up and maintain the site. It’s that easy!

Cons of a free blog

  1. Your blog’s web address will have the blogging platforms name attached to it, such as yourblog.wordpress.com, yourblog.wordpress.org which shouts “amateur”.
  2. Free blogs appear less professional than self-hosted ones.
  3. Free blogs are limited in their functionalities. From customizing your blog to make it look better to uploading multimedia files, the options are limited.
  4. This might sound harsh, but you don’t own the blog. It’s hosted on someone else’s domain, and they can delete it if they want to.

 Self-Hosted Blogging Platform

Self-hosted means that you install the blogging software on your server. Most people, however, pay a third-party company such as HostGator, Bluehost, iPage etc. to host their blog. Hosting is putting your blog/website on the internet so that anyone can access it from anywhere.

Pros of a self-hosted blog

  1. You are the real owner of your blog. You can name it whatever u want and give any web suffix(.com, .net, .org).
  2. No limitation for videos, images, and content.
  3. Using a third-party host usually costs only a few dollars per month ($5 to $15).

Cons of a self-hosted blog

  1. An initial investment is required.
  2. It can be intimidating to new bloggers.

03. Your Blog Design Matters

As a beginner, you might think that the only thing that matters in blogging is the content. Well yes, that’s true – but if your post looks hard to read, or if your blog’s design doesn’t give a pro look, then visitors may not even get to the first line.

The first impression of any visitor to your blog will be heavily influenced by the appearance of your blog. The idea of good design is to make good content even better, easier to read and to guide your audience to the focal points you want to highlight.

04. Choose Your Niche

Before you start blogging, define your niche. Choose a topic that you know and are passionate about. If you don’t love the topic of your blog, you will eventually lose interest in your blog.

Blogging about something that you are interested in, has its perks-

  1. Choosing a topic of interest will make sure that you always have something to write about.
  2. You’re less likely to abandon your blog in the future. I mean, why would u stop writing about something that u love !!
  3. Blogging in an area that you are passionate about will assist you in bringing in a loyal audience, thus boosting your self-confidence.

05. Sharing your articles on Social Media

You spend hours every week cultivating the perfect content for your blog. And finally come up with those well-written posts targeted perfectly to your audience, using just the right words. Everything you do seems to be just right, and yet your articles are not getting the expected response.

But, don’t get disappointed. Blogging is a continuous process and Consistency is the key to its success. Merely publishing quality content is not enough. You need to promote your blog posts and make sure they are visible at every corner of the web where your potential readers are super active. And what can be a better option than social media?

a) Facebook– Facebook, as obvious holds the top spot of social sharing channels. It alone sends 25% of all social referral traffic to sites.

b) Twitter: Twitter is a great source of traffic that can be utilized to promote your latest blog post.

c) Pinterest: Pinterest is the visual social bookmarking site that can be useful if you have good graphics. Try to promote your pins on Pinterest with proper hashtags. If you need more idea, here is a detailed guide on Pinterest advertising.

d) Slideshare: Slideshare is the visual content marketing platform that happens to enjoy almost 60 million visitors per month. Simply posting your blog post as a slide or PowerPoint PPT on it, can help you gain visitors.

e) LinkedIn: LinkedIn users are professionals who know what they want to see and read. Sharing your blog post on such a network can give you targeted traffic

06. Be Active in your Blogging Community

Interaction with other bloggers and your readers is vital, as it is a great way to build traffic. Comment on other blogs, be active on social media and participate in forums. Also, keep an eye on the comment section of your articles, and give time to your readers in replying back. It tells your, readers, you are involved, encourages more comments, and adds more value to your site. Make your audience feel important, and they’ll do the same.

Over to You

Now that you know the secrets to achieve quick success, why not get started immediately? If you have already started, do let us know if our Tips worked for you. We are also open to extend out the list with the Tips that worked for you. So do let us know through your comments if you have a secret mantra behind your success.

Until then keep blogging!

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