How to Respond to Negative Customer Reviews

Negative Customer Reviews

The customer review plays a very important role in modern day businesses. It can make or break your business in many ways. 

Customer reviews are important for digital B2C and B2B marketing. You need to know how to handle the customer reviews to make it the most powerful tool for your business. 

Good genuine customer reviews can help you grow your business and take it to the next level, at the same time negative reviews can ruin your business. 

Especially when it comes to the negative reviews, you need an experienced mind to manage it the proper way.

In this article, we will look at how to handle the negative reviews to turn them into the tools to attract and retain clients.

Customer Reviews

How to Handle Negative Customer Reviews for Your Business

The customer reviews influence the buying decision to a large extent. If you look at the platform like Amazon, the users will check the product reviews first and then decide if they will purchase the product or not.

Do you still think the reviews are useless? Well, let’s see some important points.

  • The probability of purchasing is twice higher in online stores with the responses to the claims rather than in the same stores without any reviews.
  • eMarketer specialists proved that people are more inclined to trust reviews more than features and specs of the product.
  • The prospects for converting leads into the real buyers are 300% more evident on the sites with 50+ reviews than on those sites with no feedback.
  • According to statistics from the Reevoo Company, 68% of customers trust the reviews if they are presented in both positive and negative light.

The negative feedbacks signal your service’s weaknesses and give you the chance to come up with a reaction to the customers’ problems and needs.

People don’t trust sellers who are too warm and fuzzy, at the same time customers don’t like the indifference either.

The companies dealing with negative reviews effectively can move things forward faster. 

Ways to Handle Negative Reviews: Delete or Transform

Negative Review

Good news for business: only 1 of 26 customers leave negative feedback, the others prefer to keep silent. Let’s discover how to benefit from them.

The first and the main rule is: don’t remove the users’ comments if you don’t like them. Here is the famous marketing strategist Len Markidan’s scheme:

    • Let the client see your compassion.
    • Apologize and try to be sincere.
    • Solve the client’s problem as soon as possible.
  • Clarify the reasons for the mistake to avoid its repetition.

The important point is to not miss any of your customers’ comment, thank for the positive comments and give it a genuine effort to solve issues behind the negative reviews.

Deal with Negative Reviews Step by Step

All the reviews are important whether they are placed on your site or on the others.

    • Monitor the mass media, local sites with the overviews and ratings.
    • Browse your publications and answer the comments.
    • Motivate your customers to write positive reviews.
    • Never argue with those who have written the negative feedback.
  • Don’t be saps for the undisguised trolling.

If you have doubts on how to work with negative reviews or with the specific aggressive comments, it’s better to consult the professional marketer.

Never place a total puff piece.

If you want to create reviews about the company or to write an article about its advantages, base them on the real customers’ experience.

Some More Tips

The communication with the target audiences is not limited to the work of responding to negative feedbacks. It’s necessary to increase the number of satisfied customers.

So, how to handle negative online reviews? Make the customer forget about them via plenty of true words of praise.

One more way to smooth out the bad recalls is to pay attention to reputation management. Write the emotional and entertaining stories, make your texts personalized, be unique and escape clichés. Make your articles informative and motivate the audience to respond.

In Addition

If you definitely know how to respond to negative reviews and you are generous with the customers and gift them your time to solve their problems, your business will grow faster than you think.

However, it’s important to prevent negative feedbacks, if possible in order to build a sustained position and to form a positive image. Insist on receiving the expressions of approval by whatever means you can.

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