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How to get Regular Traffic from Your Old Blog Posts

Last updated: October 24, 2016

When you first hear about repurposing content, your thoughts might go to re-writing or  copy pasting content. That’s not the case. Strategic reforming of your content can have an extended range of benefits, and it does not involve basic rewriting.

Reforming your content can be helpful in many ways. It helps you reach a new audience as some users prefer visuals over text. Some might love podcasts more than eBooks. Changing your content into different mediums helps it reach a wide variety of audiences.

Repurposing content also ensures that users who missed your epic blog post the first time around have a chance of seeing it for round two. It’s a second chance at content promotion.

However, certain kinds of content are good for repurposing

Not every blog post in your kitty deserves a revamp. You have to filter out the most exceptional pieces of content for this. Here are some general guidelines to follow while choosing what content to repurpose:

  • Choose Long-lasting Content

If you start revamping posts about old Google Panda updates into podcasts and videos, it won’t be of much help. The simple reason is that it is outdated. Choose content that is evergreen in nature and has the potential to provide value after re-launch.

  • Choose Content That Is Popular

Certain categories or niches drive evergreen virality to your content. You can use Google analytics to carefully fish out content that has been popular in the past. This will be content that still generates search queries.

  • Content That Needs To Be Updated

Content that needs to be updated from time to time is best for repurposing. It already has residual production value. All you need to do is update it with the latest data.

For instance, you can update the blog post about the last panda update with details of the newer update!

After you have figured out what content you need to repurpose, you need to decide in what form will it be published.

 Here are 9 ways in which content can be repurposed

01. Convert Connecting Blog Posts Into Guides

Turn posts into guides

Over time, there are certain topics that you blog about a lot. What you can do is collect some of those blogs that connect and convert them into guides.

You can republish these guides, add them to your email marketing campaigns and use them for targeted content marketing. However, some of your included blog posts might be very old and need latest updates. Make sure that happens!

For instance, you have a digital marketing blog and have published posts covering different aspects of a hosting provider, say Bluehost. Now you can compile these posts into a comprehensive all-you-need-to-know Bluehost guide!

02. Convert Your Webinars Into Video Tutorials

turn webinar to video tutorial

Webinars have grown in popularity as a great away to attract audiences, provide real value and drive traffic to your website. But, every time you host a kickass webinar, there are some who are unable to attend.

You can recapture these leads, by republishing your webinars as video tutorials around the same topic as before. This way your webinar will never go to waste. You could also upload it as a chargeable or free YouTube video and make it last forever!

03. Convert Your PPTs Into Slide Decks

Convert PPT into slide deck

You often create strong PowerPoint presentations to show to your team, clients and, sometimes, present at public lectures and events. You don’t bother to look at them for the rest of your life. You’re missing out on stellar content.

Don’t let your stellar graphics, charts, and stats go to waste. You can polish and publish them at Slideshare and then let your expert opinions do the rest. You can easily embed Slideshare decks onto your web page and use them as evergreen pieces of content.

04. Convert Your Market Research Into Case Studies


As a business, I am sure you must have dedicated sources to collect various forms of data as market research. While you use this data to give your business wings, the same can be done for content.

The data you collect is verified and the interpretations robust. Why not compile them into proper groups and promote them as case studies around a particular niche?

05. Take All Your Visual Content To Pinterest


Pinterest has grown into one of the leading players in graphic content apart from Instagram. As a website, business or blog, you can create a unique profile and start posting your graphic content separately there.

It is a great way to reach new audiences and drive targeted traffic. You can have categorized Pinterest Boards dedicated to specific topics.

06. Convert Quora Q&As Into Blog Posts


Quora is a very rich source of content ideas. However, your Quora stats can also make for awesome blog posts.

As a marketer, you must have answered a lot of questions about particular topics. You can combine these solutions into a well-connected blog post and publish them on the net.

You already know that there is a latent interest in the topic, and thus, your marketing troubles will be reduced all the more. Find answers that have substantial upvotes and questions that are increasingly popular. That’s the best way to go.

07. Convert Your Interview Into Round Up eBooks


Influencer interviews and personal stories are great forms of blog content. Once you have published a host of interviews, you have a large databank of opinions, statements and answers officially given by influencers and relevant people in your industry.

You can collect these in one place and create an eBook around it, encompassing expert opinions and experiences around a given subject. The result will be an attractive offering for your readers and increased traffic to your websites.

08. Convert Your Slideshows Into Infographics


You have a lot of numerical data with you in the form of market research. Graphic posts, charts and graphs from PPTs and what not.

It is possible that these may come together around various topics. Why not compile similar ones and create a stunning infographic for your readers? Infographics are one of the most engaging forms of content on the Internet and drive a lot of traffic from various social media channels alike.

09. Convert Your Blog Posts Into Podcasts


Podcasts have a lot of perceived interest on the Internet. Marketers and businesses have incorporated value-driven podcasts to drive more traffic and increase conversions.

You must have numerous blog posts around certain topics that are of great interests to your readers. You can develop them into audio podcasts and invite more potential leads to gain something from your end.

This not only regenerates the value of your written posts but also allows you to establish a personal connection with audiences, which helps to create brand recall and establishes you as an authority.

To conclude, there are even more interesting ways in which content can be repurposed. However, you need to be clear about why you are repurposing the content.

It should not be because you are out of new topics or content strategies and have nowhere to go!

It should be because of the latent hidden value in these content pieces that you can tap into by repurposing!

How to get Regular Traffic from Your Old Blog Posts
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