How to Get 1000 Twitter Followers in Less Than a Month

Increasing Twitter Followers

Twitter is a great social media platform, But most bloggers ignore it. Here I would like to share how, as a blogger, I got so many projects by using organic Twitter marketing and also reached 1000 followers in less than a month.

If you also want to increase followers on Twitter, then you can also use this process, and it will give you enough exposer.

I am saying this because these simple tricks have helped me to grow my Twitter follower by 4X in less than a month. And the best part, this is free and legit.

So let’s dive in.

Difference Between Facebook And Twitter Marketing

Knowing the difference between Facebook and Twitter is essential for any online business.

Facebook gives you many options to provide you with many opportunities to express, but there is some limitation on Twitter.

You can’t write more than a certain number of characters, and your hashtags and links will also fall into those character limits.

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Yes, it’s true that Facebook can give you more conversions but you can not ignore Twitter. Many users in the United States are using only Twitter. 

First of all, you have to see which of your tweets is getting the most retweet, likes. And also analyze your top follower.

When I started, I only had 260 followers, and now I have crossed 1100 followers as I am writing this post.

Twitter Account

Here Are Five Simple Tips to Grow Your Twitter Followers

01. Be Real Be Genuine

If you think that I am only doing paid campaigns for Twitter to get more engagement, then I would like to say that it’s not wholly accurate.

My highest performing tweet got close to 5,000 reaches organically so far.

On tweeter you will see that someone wants to sell cryptocurrency bitcoins; someone would add you to their email list.

Would you like to work with them? Not at all, right?

As a new blogger, it’s my goal to work with trusted resources like Dhiraj and many more.

So you have to master the outreach marketing to leverage Twitter.

There is an effortless way for Twitter users to gain trust, and you always have to show what you use and what you believe in. Legitimate sources can be an excellent idea to start.

As I had the opportunity to work with a coworking space, you know this industry is booming here in India.

If you are an Indian viewer, I want to tell you that Coworking spaces are such workplaces where you can get a place as per your requirement at a very nominal cost. And you can work and develop your brand, blogs, startups, and many more.

The brand I work with is an Indian company, and they are quite popular. 

So when I got a chance to work with them, I posted a picture of their workplace.

Tweet Activity

The photo was not very professional. I took the picture with my mobile camera. 

If you are a regular visitor of my blogs on my blog, then you know that I do not spend hours on designing and formating. Creativity has a different meaning for me. 

The environment in which I work, I can’t overthink these things. Deliver your intent on Twitter, and the rest will go on autopilot mode. The above image says it all. 

You will not see any hashtags on that tweet. 

So, I intended to deliver a message to my team. I didn’t even put my website URL. We do this kind of experiment very often. 

For the last two months, we have been communicating over Twitter. 

Just look at the picture, I took the snap from my phone. 

And I posted it with my honest thoughts. And that simple tweet became so popular that their CEO retweeted back to appreciate me.

Hopefully, by now, I can assure you that no matter what limitation you have, no one can stop your growth if you are legit.


Self-proclamation is good but not so good that you forget about your instincts.

Yet again, I beg to differ about the meaning of a successful advertisement.

For me, a successful advertisement is all about how many people are remembering you. Social media like Facebook and Twitter will show you relevant ads daily based on your interests. 

But, why the hell are the brands doing so? It’s because they want to build trust and increase conversations. But, what’s the point of getting that lead if you can not nurture that?

As I Social Media strategist, I come across plenty of ads like that. I do not know what those brands are trying to achieve.

If I subscribe to their email list by mistake, I will make sure that I won’t visit their site unless they have a product/solution ready. There is no way around. 

Think about the money that the brand has to pay to reach an arrogant guy like me. Jokes apart, I am not telling you to stop all your paid campaigns right away. But the least you can do is make a product/service that is worth advertising.

And trust me, I am done with the word freemium. What is that? I often see taglines like free-premium. Stop confusing people. I am not against the name freebie.

And if you are offering any ebooks and courses that are relevant to my niche, I will go ahead and subscribe to you.

When a company starts their business, they see how they will be different in the market.

And this thinking is, therefore, the difference between an ordinary company and an excellent company.

You have started a website, and you have taken the domain. And Now you are affiliating, and you also have AdSense, and all the time, you are wondering how I can raise money.

And you know that search engines see social media signals as a positive sign, and now you are sharing your links left right and center just to grab some attention!

People will slowly get annoyed. As a blogger, I want to let you know that for the first two to three years, there will be many mistakes in your products.

If you do only self-promotion during the first two years, eventually you will become irrelevant. One single product cant solve many problems.

If you have already followed me on Twitter, then you will know that I promote my website very little and share other websites more. It’s helping me to grow my network.

03. Be Regular

Be regular, and Twitter will suggest your profile to other users, and you will also get new suggestions. That will help you to increase networking.

For the past few days, I have been using Twitter regularly, and I have had various opportunities. The biggest thing is that people are asking about my blog.

I meet Anthony on Twitter. And we were focused on our online goals.

So in less than one week, we have created an ecosystem and involved other bloggers into it, and we have started working on multiple projects. 

Here is what Anthony has to say about our plans.

Twitter Testimonial

“Chayan is a credit to the marketing field. Since connecting on Twitter, we’ve begun collaborating on a variety of digital marketing initiatives, and he’s proven to be a reliable, valuable collaborative partner. I believe in the power of relationship-building in marketing success, and Chayan has undoubtedly mastered this vital skill. His blog provides marketers with tons of great advice, and I’m looking forward to continuing to work together!”

04. Mention Brands

We all use several products in our daily life, and we are the primary source of revenue. But will that brand know about us? Never, we will be another number on their sales sheet.

Imagine that your cellphone provider is not providing you with excellent service, and you must inform social media so that your followers can’t make the wrong decision.

You will gradually see those companies start communicating with you as you will become an influencer.

It will help you in affiliate marketing. I know that affiliate marketing is a very complicated matter, and we do observe multiple opinions.

Everyone is saying good by themselves, and everyone is promoting products they never used. Do you think we need legitimacy in the affiliate sector? Yes, why not.

Imagine, you are a regular listener of Spotify, and you love their features. So it will be easy peasy for you to talk about them. And you have a bunch of data to prove the same.

And you can create a blog post, youtube video, podcast, and much other content around the same. 

Talk to them and talk about mutual benefits. You will be accepted.

I have approached 50 brands on Twitter for affiliation, and out of that, 75% got converted.

I was also able to manage some discounts for my viewers. Do mention brands on tweeter.

05. Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics

You have to work hard, but at the same time, you need to know how to get things done. Knowing how to get things done will make your job more comfortable, and Twitter has given you a fantastic tool which is Twitter Analytics.

Unlike Google Analytics, Twitter Analytics is pretty easy to navigate and user-friendly.

It will show you the critical details about your engagement, growths, and many other things.

You can also start your paid campaigns within that tool. Isn’t it amazing?

But, the thing I liked the most is that Twitter analytics also give you some insights about your top follower.

Social media has some limitations when we talk about drawbacks. Often, we can not decide whom to listen to.

Each time you will open the Twitter Analytics, it will show you the top follower.

Maybe it’s time to interact with the top follower and exchange some ideas. It’s not possible to do a show how in this blog post as I am working with multiple deadlines.

If you want to know more about the process, drop a comment, we will get back to you.

Final Words

And that is how I was able to increase my Twitter profile visits by more than 500% in less than a month.

And I have realized the main reason why most of the new bloggers are ignoring Twitter. You can not post a link and get away with it on Twitter. You have to be compliant as well.

And at the same time, you have to keep your eyes open to grab those opportunities. No one will approach you if you are spamming Twitter with those lousy links.

Try the steps as mentioned in this guide and share your Twitter analytics screenshots with me on twitter.

And don’t forget to comment if you have some different strategies for organic tweeter growth.

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