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How to Create Great Leaders At Workplace

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There are many different things that go into making great business. They are all important and could potentially make or break the success of your business.

However, an often underrated part of every business is their culture. Strong and positive company culture can really help take your business from good to great.

Company culture essentially boils down to the personality of a business. It will include things like the environment you work in, company ethics, values, goals and more.

Some companies are very casual and team-based, while others might be more serious and individual-focused. 


The journey towards a strong company culture starts from the moment you hire someone.

While using tools during the hiring and recruiting process (such as the ones found at are great, you also want a human touch. This will ensure you can really ensure every new hire is a fit for your culture and buys in.

Some people fit in certain cultures and simply don’t work well in others. The ultimate goal is to have everyone happy, productive and passionate. 

Now, one of the single best ways to promote a positive company culture is to have a leader (CEO, manager or executive), that leads by example.

If the leaders at an organization are respectful, passionate, hard-working and caring, their employees will be as well. Your employees should not be treated like robots or just another faceless worker. You should appreciate what they do, and promote a human workplace.

In addition to making a workplace more relaxing, fun and welcoming, high-quality leaders can also improve productivity and culture as a whole.

But outside of being more human at work, what else goes into a great leader? Let’s take a look at a few characteristics and traits that make a great leader.


One of the single best qualities any leader can have is to be accountable for their actions. Business leaders are often in charge of making big decisions and need to be accountable for them.

No true leader is going to blame others for their mistakes or take credit for the hard work of others. You need to stand by your decisions and be ready for the outcome, whether it is a good one or a bad one. 

In addition to being accountable for yourself, it can also help your employees be accountable for their work. Leading by example, in this case, can be a great way to help employees take responsibility and pride in their actions and duties.

Also, employees constantly blaming one another or taking credit can lead to a very toxic environment and culture. 


Of course, to be a great leader you have to have confidence. No one wants to listen to a leader or boss who is constantly unsure of their decisions or doesn’t know what to do.

Confidence is all about truly believing in yourself to complete a particular task or objective. If you are confident and sure of yourself, your employees are likely to be sure of you too. 

Not only will being confident help others to be on your side, but it can help instill a sense of confidence in them as well. Of course, be careful to avoid overconfidence of cockiness.

This is often not a good look and can make some employees not trust or believe you. While confidence seems like something you are in possession of or not, it can absolutely be learned. 


Running, operating or working for a business is not always peaches and cream. Many challenges lie ahead and leaders need to be ready to take them on with optimism and positivity.

No one wants a leader who is negative or pessimistic about everything. This can quickly bring team morale down and make people feel unconfident.

Positivity spreads, and if you as a leader are positive, your team is likely to feel the same way and work to achieve a positive outcome.

However, it is important to know that positivity and optimism don’t mean being unrealistic. If things aren’t going well or challenges lie ahead, be honest about them, but that doesn’t mean you need to be negative. 

In conclusion, we hope that this article has been able to help you learn a little more about what goes into making a fantastic leader.

Developing yourself or others for leadership roles isn’t always easy, but certainly can be done.

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