How a Business Name Generator Can Help Your Small Business

Business Name Generator

Whether you are managing a small business or a big business, every type of business needs a brandable name.

Choosing an easy to remember and catchy name for your business or website is the first step toward building a brand. 

A business name isn’t just a combination of few letters, a business name is your identity and what you do. A good name should be short, crisp, easy to remember, brandable, and keyword-rich.

But the question is, how do you effectively choose an attractive brandable name for your small business?

Answer — use a powerful and free business name generator tool.

Well, to help you get better insights, let’s understand why we actually need a business name generator tool. 

Why to Use a Business Name Generator?

As an upcoming small business owner, you know the hassles of generating business name ideas. There are various factors you need to look such as..

  • The industry you are in
  • Patenting potential
  • How clearly it represents your business
  • Social media availability

Manually doing the research and find the business name ideas is quite intimidating. This is where name generator tools like WIX Business Name Generator comes in handy. The Wix Business Name Generator enables you to get a brandable name for your small business quickly and easily. 

Business Name Generator

Benefits of Using A Business Name Generator for A Small Business: 

01. It’s — free, fast, and Easy to Use

The Wix Business name Generator is a fast and easy option to come up with attractive names for your business.

If you’re a beginner with no idea where to start looking for your business name, a business name generator comes in handy. With Wix business name generator you can get the perfect brand name for your small business — quick and easy. 

02. Makes The Brainstorming Process Easier

A tool like the Wix Business Name Generator makes it easy to brainstorm your business name ideas by making search based on industry. You can use the business name generator tool to come up with creative business names ideas.

Depending on the industry you are in, you can come up with hundreds of attractive names for your small business.

Let’s say you have a clothing store, the Wix business name generator will help you brainstorm ideas related to fashion which can be edgy or vintage. 

Or, if you are planning to create a food blog, you can check the best possible names for your blog along with information about domain availability.

Blog Name Ideas

03. Find Brandable & Catchy Business Name Ideas Instantly

Advantage of using a business name generator — it helps you to find unique, catchy, and brandable business ideas. The name generator tools suggest hundreds of small business name ideas to pick from.

The business names are created on the basis of distinct strategies, combinations, puns, related phrases, and so on. To sum it up, creating business ideas is quick and easy with the help of business name generator tools. 

04. Check Domain Name Availability

It is extremely important for every business these days to have online visibility. If your business doesn’t have a website already, you need to get one as soon as possible.

Otherwise, you will lose a big section of potential customers.

Online presence plays an important role and determines the success of your business. You need to have a website and optimize it so that people come across your business when they do a search on search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo. 

As a small business owner, you might know, business names and SEO are semantically related. Business name generator tools help you choose the right name which increases the chances of your small business being discovered on search engines to get more exposure and visitors for FREE. 

05. Enables You to Register A Custom Domain Name 

A reliable business name generator like Wix helps you buy a custom domain name with a click of a button. Once you confirm if the chosen business name is available, you can register and buy the custom domain name quickly and easily.

Before registering the domain name for your business, make sure the business isn’t registered on social media and local business registration service. 

06. Get Logo Design Ideas

Another big advantage of using the Wix name generator is that you can get logo ideas for your business along with the names.

So, if you like a name you will see the logo design options for your business.

If you like any of the designs, you can take it and go ahead and customize the logo by using the Wix logo maker.

Wix Logo Maker

How to Come Up With Attractive Name for Your Small Business (Generate Business Names Quickly)

Let’s take a sneak peek into generating the business name for your small business. 

Generating business name ideas is quite intimidating as manually finding brands’ names is not easy. A business name can make or break your business, so it’s essential that you take the best possible solution to hunt down a brandable name for your small business name. 

This is where a business name generator tool like Wix comes in handy. Let’s take a step by step walkthrough to brainstorm business name ideas for your small business. Check our four-step guide to find the best name for your business. 

Steps by Step Guide To Generate Business Names Ideas For a Small Business

Step #1: Describe Your Business

To get started, you need to visit the Wix business name generator tool

The very first step is to describe your business industry in two to three words. You need to focus on your products, industry, and what you’re going to offer in your business. You can get the perfect name for your small business by entering the industry you’re in.

Enter the industry or category your small business falls in. If  you have a “Tech Agency” enter the name on the search bar of the Wix name generator and then click on the “Generate Name”.  Now you’ll have plenty of business name ideas to choose from. 

Tech Business Names

Step #2:  Pick A Name From The List Of Brandable Name

In this step, you will see tons of small business name ideas on your screen to choose from. To choose a domain name you need to be original and consider your unique selling points and add those into your business name. 

The thing is, as a small business owner you should always look to scale and grow your business over time. Also, you want your potential clients to connect with your business and brand.

You can scroll down to the bottom to find a potential brand name for your small business. Choose a name that is short and easy to remember as a catchy small business name will help people memorize your business name easily. 

You can also click on the heart button to save the business name to review later. Also, the Wix business name generator shows whether a business name is available or not.

Let’s move to the next important step.

Step #3: Go With Your Gut (Choose A Business Name That Defines Your Business)

It’s time to make a list of potential business names and compare them with one another. While comparing the brand’s name for your small business try to be precise. Choose a name that resonates with what you do. 

The best part is that the Wix name generator tool also enables you to preview the logo of the business name you choose.

You can also edit the business name to give it a custom touch and make sure it’s brandable and up to the mark. Below the edit button, you can choose to preview the logo of the business name right away. 

Once you shortlist, the name your choose from the list should represent your business well and help grow your small business as a brand and build trust and authority over time. 

Step #4: Register the Custom Domain Name With Wix 

Once you decide to go with a domain name, it’s time to complete your brand identity with a custom domain name. 

If the domain name of your business is available, the Wix Business Name Generator will show whether a chosen brand name is available or not.

Register Domain Name

If the domain name is available, you can click on the “Secure It Now” button and then register your small business custom domain name with Wix.


What is a Good Business Name?

A good business name is easy to remember and easy to spell. It represents your business idea, niche or your product clearly.

How to Choose a Good Business Name?

You can use tools like the Wix Business Name Generator to find an attractive name for your business.

Is Wix Business Name Generator Free to Use?

Yes, the Wix Business Name Generator is free to use. You can also get logo design ideas and create your logo using the Wix Logo Maker.


Now, you have an idea of how a business name generator tool help your small business.

The best part, Wix business name generator tool is free to use so that you can find brandable small business name ideas — quick and easy. 

You can generate thousands of business name ideas with the Wix Business Name Generator tool and choose the ones which precisely define or relate to your business industry or niche. 

Have you tried a business name generator tool? What’s your experience? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

You can give us a thumbs up by sharing this post on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

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