Exam-Labs Manual: CompTIA Security+ Certification and Its Exam

CompTIA Security+

CompTIA Security+ is one of the CompTIA credentials that validate the IT professionals with the skills and knowledge required for executing any cybersecurity role.

It is the baseline for those who want to focus on security jobs. It is also the first and only certification that evaluates the candidates with the help of performance-based questions.

The CompTIA Security+ certificate emphasizes practical skills rather than theoretical knowledge.

Thus, certified specialists are well-prepared to solve the problems in a broader context in the security field. This is also compliant with DoD 8570 and ISO17024 standard.

This article is dedicated to the importance of CompTIA Security+ and the ways to prepare for its exam with Exam-Labs.

How important is CompTIA Security+?

The Security+ certification proves the practical abilities in cybersecurity meaning that the certified professionals do not only identify the problems but also has the relevant knowledge and skills to fix them.

This CompTIA credential is approved and meets the directive requirements of 8140/8570.01-M. It shows that the certified cybersecurity specialists follow the principles of confidentiality and integrity of their operations.

This is an essential certificate that equips a professional with an extra advantage in the industry.

There is a difference between the attitude towards a certified person and non-certified one while interviewing for a vacancy.

With the CompTIA Security+ credential, your resume becomes more noticeable. It has even more importance in the cybersecurity field.

In general, this Security + certificate approves the ability of its holders to identify security threats, possible attacks, and vulnerable areas, as well as perform thread analysis establishing appropriate mitigation techniques and respond to it accordingly.

They also can participate in the risk mitigation process. With these skills, the individuals are able to do installation and configuration of systems to a secure application, devices, and networks.

CompTIA Security+ was updated to cover the emerging issues and address the best practice for risk management and risk mitigation by putting emphasis on the hands-on experience.

One of the main reasons to advise to get certified is that Security+ needs the recertification after a period of three years.

What is the benefit? It proves that the company keeps up with the technological changes and gives you this opportunity as well.

Updated skills are always in demand. You cannot stay in the IT industry in the same place. You should develop yourself. This will ensure that as an IT specialist you remain relevant and can fulfill the required duties with ease.


Overview of CompTIA Security+ exam

The CompTIA Security+ credentialneeds the SY0-501 exam to be passed.This testlasts90minutes. It contains 90 multiple-choice and performance-based questions.

The students are required to score 750 on a scale of 100-900. When the individuals are certified, this certificate expires in a period of three years, and the professionals are reexamined, andSecurity+ remains relevant.

In general, CompTIA always keeps up with the advancement in technology and to make its experts up to date, the company reviews its certifications and exams.

The SY0-501test costsaround $339 and is available in English, Portugal, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese. To take this certification exam, there is a recommended prerequisite one must meet.

This is the CompTIA Network+ credential and two years of IT administration experience with a focus on security.

The Security+ certification exam is the step into the cybersecurity world and is focused on core cybersecurity skills that are essential in security and network administration.

To prepare for this test and be up to date, visit Exam-Labs and download its materials for learning.

Preparation options for CompTIA Security+ exam

Those candidates who are going to sit for theSY0-501 exam can equip themselves very well by learning topics that are expected to be checked.

With the help of CompTIA CertMaster, you can prepare using available resources. These eLearning preparation materials are:

  • CertMaster Learn:These are eLearning materials where the students use self-paced videos, comprehensive assessment, and performance-based questions to learn.
  • CertMaster Practice: You can assess the knowledge you already have and identify what you still need to learn to improve your confidence and retention ability before your CompTIA certification exam.
  • CertMaster CE: These are eLearning materials mainly meant for those individuals who try to recertify.It helps learners build on the skills they had when taking the CompTIA certification exam. It assists in integrating the added/emerging topics in the current test to help renew the credential.

Besides, combine these resources with Exam-Labs practice tests and other materials.

Career opportunities

There is no field in the world with so many opportunities as the IT industry nowadays.

Being a CompTIA Security+ certified professional equips your professionalism with cybersecurity skills. This is a great chance to get immediate-level cybersecurity jobs, which are in high demand in the IT field and attract better income.

The certified specialists always enjoy the benefit of being favored, and their unique competence compared to any other peer in the field wide variety of opportunities in career, such as a security engineer, a security specialist, a security consultant, a junior IT auditor/penetration tester and system, a security and network administrator.


When people talk about the cybersecurity certifications, nothing comes to your mind except the CompTIA Security+ credential.

There are no professionals in IT installation and network configuration security field liketheSecurity+ certified specialists, and a lot of big companies prefer hiring these individuals because they work at a high level.

Due to this situation in the IT industry market, more people try to enroll for the certification programs and pass the tests.

They realize that this way opens many job opportunities and stand them out from the crowd. Besides, you have the motivation to go further, obtain new knowledge and skills and get promoted.

Therefore, it is important to put your efforts into the exam preparation process. For this purpose, you have Exam-Labs with always updated and available study materials.

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