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6 Effective Email Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs

There is no point debating over the effectiveness of email campaigns. Just like “Civil Engineering” they will have an evergreen scope for success. The real deal is how effective your email campaigns are.

Email marketing should be an integral part of the marketing mix for all entrepreneurs today. It helps businesses keep in touch with customers, provide them with added value, generate increased loyalty and reach new prospects now and then.

There is a catch, however! If you think email marketing is a way of only developing your contact list, then you couldn’t be more wrong.

When done right, it is a marketers dream campaign and drives traffic to your business consequently boosting sales and revenue.

As entrepreneurs make sure you incorporate these 6 email marketing tips

#1 Be the helper first, then become the seller

The problem with most amateur marketers is that they rarely include anything else in their emails other than sales pitches. That approach is called “spamming” and won’t work.

You have to expand you thinking and understand the new customer. Use your email messages to provide real value in the form of information. This way, you develop deep customer relationships.

With time, customers will rely on you as an industry expert, and there will be a likely boost in sales given the increasing credibility.

#2 Use email campaigns for market research

Having an appreciable email list opens up great potential for targeted market research. For instance, if you are confused between two products you can just shoot out a survey and generate customer feedback. Demographic data can also be collected.

This way, a customer-centric market survey will help you tap into demand equations better and provide the right kind of solutions.

#3 Start segmenting your lists

Email software these days allow you increased control over customizing and targeting your campaigns.

If you look at the latest statistics, you will find that campaigns with a more targeted audience bring better results than those that try to please each and everyone. The better you can tailor your email marketing messages to specific customers, and the most efficient your promotions will likely be.

Therefore, start segmenting your contacts into groups with similar characteristics. For instance, you could have one group consisting of those people who always open your messages and one of those who doesn’t.

One group could be those people who have made a purchase on your website, and one group could include those who are yet to purchase. Different benchmarks or categories can be created according to the needs of your business.

By experimenting with different types of segmenting and targeting, you can make your messages more interesting and relevant to subscribers and, consequently, more likely to result in sales.

#4 Keep your email lists clean

You should never keep wasting your time and money for conversions that are never going to happen.

I am talking about people who no longer open your emails or haven’t opened them ever. Email management programs charge you based on the size of your contact lists and it is useless to carry on senseless overheads with no hope of conversion.

You can easily use the search function in your software to fish out contacts that have been inactive for a given period. Keeping your list trim mathematically improves effectiveness.

#5 Experiment with your opt-ins

Split testing is a powerful tool for Internet marketers and must be used. Using it, you can test how various placements and variables in your website perform with each arrangement.

The tests give out information so as to what arrangements work best for your website. Therefore, you get to know what will bring your more subscribers.

To get started with split testing, consult your email management program’s help section. Most top-tier list management programs including Aweber, MailChimp, iContact and ConstantContact offer split testing as a default function.

#6 Experiment with your messages

The entire body of your core message can also be used as a variable for split testing. These include scheduled follow-up emails, replies, and other process-oriented emails.

These broadcast messages need to be perfect. Everything including the language of the mailer to the time when you send them out matters. You should consider split tests on subject lines, call to actions and broadcast timings.

Minute improvements in email campaigns have a tendency to accumulate and present stellar results. Therefore, start generating effective email campaigns and make that significant ROI dent that you are always trying to achieve.

6 Effective Email Marketing Tips for Entrepreneurs
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