Dating Apps for Disabled People: Pros and Cons

Dating App for Disabled

According to the latest surveys, more than 60% of people have a positive attitude towards online dating as the way of getting a romantic partner.

People are actively using dating sites and apps because this way of meeting potential dates is the most convenient. You don’t have to waste your precious time and money going on a date just to realize that you’re not on the same page.

Remote communication gives you extra time to get to know your virtual friend better and realize whether you should shift it offline.

An obvious advantage of online dating services is that there are a lot of potential matches. Apart from large platforms for wide audiences, there are niche sites and apps meant for a particular group of people, such as single parents, mature people, LGBT, etc.

There are also a few dating sites and apps for disabled people.

Pros of Dating Platforms for The Disabled

Although our society can be considered tolerant, disabled people often feel stigmatized and are viewed stereotypically. When it comes to dating and romantic relationships, even confident individuals without any physical impairments feel hesitant and insecure.

You can only imagine how people with disabilities feel when they enter the online dating scene. And they want to love and be loved no matter what.

Meeting people in real life, they don’t have to explain anything because their problem is already visible. In online dating, they need to choose the moment to tell their date about their disability or find a way to write about it in their profile.

How will that person react? How to embrace rejection? There are a lot of challenges associated with online dating.

Yet, there are dating apps exclusively for disabled singles that somehow eliminate a good chunk of awkward moments.

A much-advertised app for disabled people, Inclov, matches people analyzing the level of their dependence, mobility, the possibility of full recovery, the medications they take.

The app has a special mode for color-blind people, a talkback feature and font size change for those with visual impairments. The app also has an offline disabled-friendly hub where online matches can meet.

The main advantage is that the users of dating services for disabled people can expect to meet like-minded individuals and be open about their health conditions.

Cons of Dating Platforms for The Disabled

Many disabled people consider such services quite alienating, as they don’t consider themselves different and would like to have relationships with non-disabled partners.

There are different types of disabilities. Some of them are not apparent and people who have them lead normal lives most of the time. For example, people with some autistic spectrum disorders.

Another disadvantage of purely disabled-oriented platforms is that they may be used by the perverts who have a fetish for a certain disability.

Dating tips for disabled singles from Marrybrides 

  1. Choose the right platform

You already know that a lot of disabled people are registered on mainstream dating services (, OkCupid) and specialized sites (DisabilityMatch, Whispers4U). You can try both options to boost your chances.

  • Mention your disability from the start

Don’t wait until your first date with a particular person to tell them about your disability. It may be quite shocking and embarrassing for them. You should understand that and be honest from the start. You can also include such information in your bio. Even if the description of your personality is limited to a certain number of characters, like on Tinder, make a lighthearted reference to your disability between the lines.

  • Add a photo that shows your disability

If you’re in a wheelchair, make sure you upload a photo in which your potential matches can see it. It shouldn’t necessarily be the main photo. But having it among others will let you be honest with people.

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