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With time the challenges of protecting data is increasing and with that come the technological advancements that never fail to show up at your doorstep every fresh year.

For businesses, data management remains a critical part of business operations. With that, they are required to keep up with the emerging trends in data backup to ensure that their data continues to be safe.

Aged data backup practices only serve as a weak point for attackers. You, therefore, need all the help you can get in identifying and discovering new ways of doing things when it comes to data management. The following are backup trends that you need to watch out for.

Storage Automation

You have to ditch the old way of doing things. Having to sit around and wait until all your data is transferred to your external drives.

With tools like Ottomatik MySQL backup, you will save a lot of time and do a useful data backup and recovery. Automation of data management, especially when it comes to backup and recovery has ensured that the processes are error-free and secure as it is not at risk of human interruption.

More so, organizations are saving on costs that they would have otherwise used on hiring more IT personnel to do the backup.

More so, automated backup provides reports on whether a backup has been successful or not. This further ensures that no important files are left out only for you to find out when it is too late.

Multi-Cloud Storage

This is another trend that you should be watching out for, and embrace. The idea of multi-cloud computing is there to allow businesses to distribute their resources in the form of information across a wide array of platforms.

Does it come with any advantages? Yes, it does.

Your business data is at a lower risk of encountering a distributed denial of service attack. Imagine having all your data on one cloud, if a hacker were to make a successful attempt on your information you would be at a more significant loss.

Multi-cloud computing also gives you the power of choice. Note that software as a service (SaaS) providers vary. They will be able to meet some of your needs and not others. Having unlimited options of service providers ensures that the requirements in the different areas of your business are met.

Multi-cloud storage also provides flexibility. As your business grows, its needs when it comes to data protection also change. At times you will find that a single cloud service provider is not able to meet all your needs or keep up with the changes.

Flash Storage

Flash storage is a trend that you also need to pay attention to. What is in for your business with flash storage? Well, you are talking about faster data access. What that means is that in the event of a disaster, your downtime will significantly be decreased by a quick data recovery.

Your business will save considerably on energy costs as opposed to when using HDDs which consume a lot of it through spinning. That is not all. There is also portability. Flash storage is something that you can quickly move around with and save you a lot of space too.

Integrated Approach

What does integrated data protection entail? With that, you should expect a complete backup of your data, recovery, immediate access, deduplication and restore. The evolution of technology has seen the need to improve efficiency and performance when it comes to data management solutions.

Integrated data protection will for one save your organization on costs by eliminating the need to set up different systems that will take care of the backup and recovery processes.

Also, they bring about simplicity in data management processes. With integrated solutions, you will have more time to concentrate on activities concerned with growing your business free of worry.

During the development of integrated data protection, much though it is put into efficiency and performance. With that, you are guaranteed fast and reliable backup and recovery, hence business continuity.

The four trends above will change your approach to data management and protection. If you have not incorporated them into your business, you need to do it as soon as now.

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