Composing LinkedIn Sales Messages Your Prospects Can’t Ignore

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There’s nothing more important than being able to clearly communicate your message to your customers. However, business owners must deliver their message in an effective way.

LinkedIn users won’t even open your messages if you’re using a cold email template. 

LinkedIn Marketing Emails

LinkedIn Messages and Cold Emailing

Your messages aren’t converting leads because they’re using the wrong format. LinkedIn is more akin to a text message system, not email, so treating it as an email messaging platform won’t work.

If your message is so long they have to scroll down to read it, you’ll be ignored. It’s unlikely you’ll text your friend paragraphs at a time, so follow the same rules for your clients. 

Also, don’t forget to pay attention to links. If you’re embedding a link into someone’s inbox, LinkedIn will expand the thumbnail.

If you’re unsure what your message will look like before you hit send, use Salesflow, a LinkedIn lead generation tool that can help build brand awareness.

How to Compose a Convertible LinkedIn Sales Message

We’ve established that LinkedIn should be treated as a text messaging platform, but how do you use that information to draw in LinkedIn prospects? Here’s how to do it.

Remember: your initial message has to be shorter than the length of the average smartphone screen. You’ll want your prospects to read your message immediately. Similar to a newspaper, all of the most important information should be in the first paragraph, which includes:

  • Their first name and a greeting: Hello Paul,;
  • Name and company name: My name is Amelia Smith, and I work for Marketing Inc.;
  • Commonality: We’re both members of the Digital Marketing for Newbie’s Group,;
  • Observation: and I thought your post about the importance of social media management, specifically on Facebook, was fascinating.;

The second paragraph should follow up with your contribution or what you’re giving in return.

  • Contribution: It reminded me of the Statista Research Department study that stated that 98.5% of Facebook users use their mobile phone and that 61% of users are unlikely to go back to a site if they have trouble accessing it, according to Google. (Remember: don’t use embedded links to back up your point).;

Your final paragraph should include your call-to-action and sign-off.

  • Thoughtful question: How were you planning to improve your UX design on your website so that it includes mobile optimization?; 
  • Genuine interest: I’m interested in learning about your strategy.’
  • A Request: Do you have 15-minutes to discuss your ideas?;
  • Name and sign-off: All the Best, Amelia.

That whole message was 120 words, but it gave your prospect all the information they needed to contact you. It also avoids getting “right to the point.” If your prospects feel like you’re only trying to sell to them without providing something in return, they’ll close your message.

5 Helpful Tips for Writing Optimal Sales Messages

While writing your LinkedIn sales messages, consider the following helpful tips.

1. Always Focus on Your Prospect

Most LinkedIn pitches place all the emphasis on the business and not how the business can help the customer. Try to avoid overusing “I” or “me,” and do your best to frame the message towards the prospect. Focus on the customer’s pain points to generate 10x the amount of leads.

2. Follow Up a Maximum of 4 Times

While it’s important to never give up, it’s equally as important to not over message. Use the “4 touchpoints” rule, which includes your initial message, to follow up with clients. Message again after 24 hours, 1 week, and 2 weeks. Your last messages should include offers or discounts.

3. Communicate Your Value Proposition

Three factors contribute to your value proposition: your unique offer, social proof, and a strong LinkedIn message. Determine how your business can help the client by backing it up with brands you’ve helped. Feel free to name-drop known brands, analytics, or reviews.

4. Share Your Portfolio or Offer Resources

Content creators or website builders won’t sell anything unless they show off their portfolios. If you’re in a creative field, ask your prospects if they want to see your portfolio before sending it over. Other brands may only need to send over a free resource to convert, like a phone call. 

5. Be Personal and Personable

There are several tools that help you draft or fill in templates that are automatically sent out to prospects through a keyword search. It’s vital that you customize your messages for each client, even if it just includes their name, to assure them they aren’t speaking to a robot.

Remember to Review Before Pressing Send

As shown in this article, there’s a right way and a wrong way to send a LinkedIn sales message. However, if you don’t review your messages before pressing send, all of your hard work will be for nothing.

Take the time to check your grammar and the prospect’s name for each message.

Your LinkedIn campaigns may need more than just a bit of editing. However, if you follow our steps and best practices, your LinkedIn marketing will add more value to your business.

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