Business Blog: How To Start + Top Ideas To Post

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A business blog can be an effective tool for drawing attention to a company. It can help you grow your customer base and provide information about your goods or services.

Any company promotion on social media is not an easy task. Professional blogging is a marketing tactic in which posts increase your website’s conversion rates. It’s the same marketing channel as social media, direct marketing, email marketing, etc. It helps support and drive business growth.

Today, the main platform for business blogging is Instagram. Facebook, a separate site, YouTube, and now TikTok are popular as well. Blogs increase sales if businessmen know what to post.

Why Does Your Business Need a Blog?

Start a Blog

First of all, let’s figure out why your business needs a blog if sales are already going well. The main benefits are as following:

  • Blogging is your FAQ: In order not to receive a bunch of calls with the same “obvious” questions, start blogging. 
  • Increased reach: Your blog articles increase reach and website conversion rates thanks to keywords and anchor links.
  • A business blog is an option for link building: Links play an important role in driving traffic. 
  • Blogging makes a brand recognizable: It’s one of the most effective content strategies to build brand awareness. 
  • You are getting closer to your target audience: This is a great communication channel where additional information can be conveyed. 

How to Start a Business Blog

Blogs provide an opportunity to see a part of the day-to-day work of an entrepreneur. To start blogging your business, you need to do the following:

Blogging Process
  • Define goals. Your goals should be as specific and detailed as possible. Do you want to increase sales, or increase your customer base, or start a business from scratch?
  • Know your audience. To create relevant and useful content, you need to be clear about your audience and their needs. Use your website and social network analytics to find out the socio-demographic structure of the audience and draw up a specific portrait of the readers. Then you can start creating a blog.
  • Determine the frequency of your posts. You need to grab your audience’s attention and meet their expectations regularly. How many times a week can you place posts?

Remember! If you stop posting, people will get tired of waiting for new content and won’t return to your blog anymore. Moreover, the information should be useful and well-structured.

  • Create a calendar. Fix your ideas (on what day, at what time, and what material). There are tons of tools for creating such a calendar — from Google Docs to various task managers such as Todoist.
Create a calendar for Blogging
  • Create content. Once you’ve defined your blog goals, plan and created the calendar, it’s time to start making the content itself.

We will talk about ideas and what to write about later, and now we are going to decide on the format. You can write posts, notes, instructions for your products, and so on. This will require good copywriting skills, spelling apps, design templates, and so on. 

You can also add video content to your texts, which is known as video marketing. High-quality, bright, driving, and useful videos will attract subscribers to your blog and buyers to your business. Choose your best free video editing software and start creating marketing masterpieces.

Create content

Analyze and correct. You should know who reads your blog, how your audience finds it, and how they interact with the information. There are a huge number of analytical services that help to track all activities. Analyze the data and change your strategy if necessary.

Promote your blog. After the post is published, you need to convey the information to as many people as possible. There are a lot of ways to promote posts on the web. You can read about them on various resources.

Top Business Blog Ideas

Every entrepreneur who has a company blog periodically faces a problem when there is nothing to write about. That’s why we are presenting you top 20 ideas for your business blog.

  • Business case. Tell about how you solved this or that problem, what difficulties you encountered and what result you achieved.
  • Customer reviews. Ask customers to share their experience with your product or service.
  • Forecast. Give your forecast for the development of any situation — from the currency rate or oil prices to your industry future.
  • Product in life. Show how your product looks in real life.
  • Life hacks. Demonstrate your expertise and help your audience simplify their lives by solving everyday difficulties with your product.
  • Before-after. This classic technique allows you to illustrate how useful and quality your services are.
  • Expert opinion. Share your own expert opinion on a particular issue in which you are well versed.
  • Recommendation. If you like a product or company, recommend it to the followers. But you must be confident in the quality of your recommendation.
  • Team: Enumerate people who work in your company, praise them, thank them for their work, post their photos.
  • Product review: This is the simplest version of a selling post. Describe the main qualities and features of a particular product or service.
  • Name: If your company or product has an unusual naming, tell a story about how you came up with it.
  • How to apply for a job: Inform people about what candidates are in priority, about conducting interviews, tests, etc.
  • Answer to criticism: If you see a critical review about yourself or your product on the Internet, respond to it. But answer to the point, with arguments.
  • Myths and stereotypes: Explain what stereotypes exist in your industry and dispel or confirm them.
  • News: Comment on any important rumors about your industry.
  • Special offer for subscribers: Come up with a subscriber-only offer and announce it, remembering to provide details on how to use this offer.
  • Poll & Survey: A universal way by which you can find out the opinion of the audience on any issue.

In modern business, it’s hard to achieve success without thoughtful and well-implemented content marketing. So if you don’t have a business blog yet, then it’s time to get started. Good luck!

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