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How to Break Out of a Monotonous Schedule?

Last updated: November 8, 2016

The main aim of work is to earn a living and we spend a major part of our lives initially in working towards this aim. The years we spend in a study are to gear ourselves towards building a strong career so that we can earn well and easily.

However, money is not the only product of work, and job satisfaction and a sense of achievement are also associated with work. In fact, with many people, their work defines who they are especially in terms of their achievement.

All of us want to be recognized, appreciated, and rewarded in life and the easiest and most common way to do this is to excel at our work.

How Does Monotony Creep Into Your Work Schedule?

Most of the work in the business world of today consists of repetitive tasks that need to be conducted daily. This makes work feel like a daily chore and instead of enjoying yourselves you end up in a rut of monotony that seems to sap your energy.

There are those lucky few who have been able to convert their hobby into a profession. Then again, there are the people who work in creative fields where innovation and new things are the very core of their work. The rest of us are stuck in regular professions which are the demand of the modern marketplace.

This is the reason that majority of workers today are working a schedule that reeks of monotony. This, in turn, kills the passion for work and the interest that we take in it. Thus, productivity tends to suffer, not to mention a lack of satisfaction that we try to derive from a boring repetitive schedule.

Let us look at some methods with which you can break the monotony of your daily schedule and instill some refreshing moments into it.

#1 Cut the Clutter

The physical space that we work in makes a major difference to your working experience. If your desk is cluttered with stationary, papers, and files, you will not get the environment for fresh thinking. Hence, it is necessary to de-clutter and organize your working space.

#2 Pay Attention to Ergonomics

Needless to say, a correct posture in an ergonomic chair is essential for the health of your back. The modern office worker spends the majority of the day in his work chair, and this is the reason that it is necessary for the seat to be a comfortable and ergonomic one. A lot of common back ailments are related to awkward positions at work.

The other impact of an awkward or uncomfortable chair will be to make you sluggish and less inclined work. This is why it is necessary to choose a comfortable chair at your workplace.

#3 Make the Office Ambiance Refreshing

There is little you can do if you are a regular employee, but if you hold a senior position in an organization or if you are the owner of one, then you can make a difference to the ambiance in your office.

Most traditional offices have a fairly strict and formal environment with regards to the interior and design. This can become annoying and add to the monotony of a regular workday. It is best if you can change this scenario and make the office ambiance refreshing and cheerful with bright colors and bold designs.

If on the other hand, this is not possible, then you can compensate by putting up pictures of your loved ones or soft toys and other paraphernalia on your desk.

#4 Take Short Breaks

Most people find that they cannot concentrate on a single subject or task for more than an hour at a stretch. If you try to keep at a job for a long duration, it can exhaust your mentally. It is advisable to take a 5-minute break every hour and a longer break every 3-4 hours.

It is a good idea to go out of your office premises and take a breath of fresh air while walking around the outside. This is also good for your body as your circulation will be boosted with the short walk and you can stretch your limbs which tend to become cramped due to being in the same position for a long time.

You can also choose to play a short computer game or listen to music for five to ten minutes

#5 Treat Yourself to Good Food Sometimes

In the current hectic schedule, it is hard to pay attention to the food that you eat every day. Most of the time, along with your work schedule, your daily menu of the office lunch is also monotonous and non-inspiring.

One way to break the monotony at work is to order food from a good restaurant, once in a while. Some delicious food will add interest to your daily schedule and enhance your mood. It is will also be a good break from the monotony of downing the sandwich or other similar food that you usually have at lunch.

#6 Socialize With Your Colleagues

Needless to say, friendly banter about your family, hobbies and even politics, goes a long way in building interpersonal relationships. Not to mention the fact, that this is also a good way to get away from the monotony of work.

For a few minutes, as you discuss several things with any of your colleagues, you will mentally be at a different place and hence feel refreshed and motivated. As mentioned above it also is a good way to foster team spirit at work.

So pay a visit to your co-worker’s desks once in a while and start up a chat. However, you should be careful not to overdo it because talking with colleagues at work is also one of the major time wasters that you should avoid.

#7 Change in Mental Set Up

Most workers see their jobs from the perspective that is easily tangible to them. However, they forget that they are simply a spoke like other spokes that make up the whole wheel. In other words, they fail to see the larger perspective of their daily tasks.

The truth is that every worker in an organization is working towards a much greater collective goal and it pays to understand your role in the organization and its importance in achieving the larger goal.

When you realize that the work that you do daily is actually going towards creating something large and purposeful, it will serve as a motivator and reduce the boredom that you feel towards your work.


All in all, how you approach your work is up to you as it depends on your whether you wish to make your daily work interesting or simply get stuck in the rut of monotony.

Apart from the tips mentioned above, there are many other ways of reducing boredom at work, and you can ask your colleagues and friends how they achieve this. The other option is to look up the internet as there are many souls out there who have managed to make their work interesting and they are ready to share their experience with you.

How to Break Out of a Monotonous Schedule?
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