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Bitrix24 CRM Review 2020: Top Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Bitrix24, a set of top free tools to manage your business on the go.


Bitrix24 is a business automation and management platform that offers you amazing tools to manage your business on the go. It is one of the prominent CRM platforms that will help you to manage your clients and offer them a much better service.

You can get started for free. You don’t have to buy anything or give your credit card to start using their services. However, if you need more options, features to manage your business you can go for the paid plans.

No matter how small or big your business is, Bitrix24 is a good fit for it and it will surely help you save a lot of your time as well as make the process of managing your business a lot easier.


Key Features of Bitrix24 CRM

Automate your business tasks

Free to use email services

Top tools to grow your small business

Task & project management

Real time communication system

Integrated call center

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Customer Relationship Management is now an integral part of many business houses worldwide.

Businesses are now investing smartly in many different CRMs, and the competition is rising in the CRM market nowadays.  

Bitrix 24 is another very famous name in the CRM market around the world. The software has made quite a buzz since its arrival in the market.

Bitrix 24, a name quite reputed in the software industry, is a collaborative software, offering a complete set of tools for management and collaboration, as well as communication. 


Bitrix 24’s CRM offers a wide variety of must-have customer relationship management tools and lead management basic tools. The software is targeting small and midsize businesses from around the world. 

Features like communication centralization, web-based lead capture forms, popular integration support and so on make this CRM a nice option to try. 

How to Use The Bitrix 24 CRM? 

Bitrix 24 is one of the easiest and simplest to use customer relationship management software available out there.

The process of setting up the software and customizing it as per the requirements is pretty simple and takes hardly any effort.

And yes, the process is quite similar to setting up any other CRM software. Just follow the steps below.  

01. Setup Your Account

First of all, like in many other CRM providers out there, you have to set up your Bitrix 24 account. The setup is very simple and hardly takes up a few minutes. 

Setup Your Account

02. Add Users

This is the most common step in setting up any customer relationship management software.

Here, you add your team into the software and create a common workstation for your team.

Add your colleagues, partners, and all those people you want to include in the overall customer management process.

Bitrix 24 also provides the feature for all users to switch to another interface language, in case if they need to. 

03. Create Workflow

This step is the setting up of the workflow that you follow. Customer relationship management software creates a pipeline according to your working structure.

This is where you create also those specific fields in your CRM pipeline that match your actual selling process. Make sure your team knows the process that is being followed and your CRM pipeline matches the real selling and management process. 

04. Create Tasks

Additionally, Bitrix 25 CRM allows you to create tasks, workgroups for handling sub-tasks, create schedules in the company calendar.

Unlike in many other CRMs, Bitrix 24 also helps you organize your document library with the help of a common document library feature. Creating and managing events is also possible in Bitrix 24. 

Create Tasks

05. Create a Custom Dashboard

Now, finally, here you get to customize and create your dashboard. The most common practice you can apply here is placing the most used features and tools at the forefront.

Also, BItrix 24 allows you to configure the access permissions for different access levels and workgroups. Also, you can configure the worktime configuration of your CRM. 

Create a Custom Dashboard

06. Overview of Bitrix24 CRM features

Bitrix24 offers a lot of different CRM features that altogether help your business and sales perform better.

Some of the most important and noticeable features of this CRM include:

07. Email Marketing

Bitrix24 Email

Bitrix24 is a free CRM that offers you an email marketing option. The free plan has a limitation of 12 users and 5GB storage.

You have the option to integrate MailChimp for email marketing.

The iOS and Android offered by Bitrix24 will make it easy for you to manage your business on the go.

08. Calendar Sharing

Calendar Sharing

Sharing tasks and assignments, as well as time bounds for them becomes much easier with Bitrix24’s calendar sharing feature. You can create a time-specific task, add members to the task and monitor the progress. 

09. User Profiles    

Creating and managing user profiles for all customers becomes much easier with the user profile feature of Bitrix24. 

10. Repeat Sales and Manage Subscriptions 

You can actually keep track of your recurring deals, repeat leads, repeat deals, manage high recurring sales, manage recurring invoices and so on.   

11. Integration


Bitrix24 allows you to integrate a ton of unique tools and applications, which can be integrated with the Bitrix24 software to increase the overall productivity and to increase the workflow speed.

Apps like MailChimp, Slack, Skype, Office 365, Zapier, Quickbooks, Google Drive, and Xero. 

12. Contact Center 

Communication through the software becomes way easier with the contact center feature.

You get a common platform for doing chats and task-related conversations with Bitrix24. 

13. Advanced Reporting Feature

Bitrix24 offers you a set of amazing tools to monitor all your major activities, such as lead generation and management reports, deal reports, sales, and overall business reports, custom user-generated reports, and overall activity reports as well. 

14. CRM Permission Management

Bitrix24 allows you to manage access levels of all your users and workforces. You can set role-based permissions, you can set automatics client routing, and also set rule-based lead distribution with Bitrix24. 

Pros and Cons of Bitrix24


  • Bitrix24 offers all its services and features at zero costs for up to 12 users. This is quite an amazing and unique feature as there isn’t much of other CRM available out there that provide something like this. Bitrix24’s target business sizes, the startups, and the small ones are very well targeted with this offering. 
  • Bitrix24 also offers a mobile application version of the software for on the go business management. And yes, both the iOS and Android apps are also free to use. 
  • The integration offers, the visual business processes, the customization features pretty much fulfill the requirements of their target business houses. 
  • You can also manage all your external communications through the extranet integration, and that too with minimal navigation on the CRM. 
  • Features like instant messages, user profiles, workflow management, bulk email management, activity stream intranet center, and video conferencing make the overall working a lot easier for startups and small businesses. 


  • The interface is a bit old and confusing. 
  • The free version gives a “Bitrix24” reference at the bottom of every outgoing email, which is frustrating. 
  • CRM lacks an accounting feature.



As mentioned above, the software is free for up to 12 users. For more than that, the prices start from $19/ month and go up to $159/ month.



Product FAQs

What is Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 is a business collaboration & communication software. It will help you to manage your business by offering the right kind of tools that will automate your tasks and make sure that you have more time to focus on your business. You can manage your serve your clients better by using the Bitrix24 platform.

How much does Bitrix24?

You can get started on Bitrix24 for free. You don’t have to pay anything or give your credit card, you can simply sign up and start using the platform. If you need more features options you can update to a paid plan later.

Is Bitrix24 a CRM?

Yes, Bitrix24 is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management Platform) that you help you to manage your customers as well as your employees effectively. Other than offering a number of different tools to serve your customers better, Bitrix24 offers you an integrated call center system that will help you to make and receive customers’ calls right from the CRM.

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