8 Best Web Hosting Providers in Australia 2021

Web Hosting Providers in Australia


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If you are looking for the best web hosting companies in Australia, we have listed the best top options here.

Web hosting services have flooded the networking space, allowing firms and individuals alike to start off their website of company portals online. It increases the accessibility of your content and website, thus revealing your webpages to the concerned party. 

When it comes to hosting, it’s important to check the uptime, overall reputation, user reviews, speed, etc. to make sure that your website will perform well and it will be secured.

We all know that the loading speed of a site is extremely important from the user experience as well as SEO point of view, and it depends on the hosting you select for your site to a large extent. So, make sure that you have a good hosting provider for your website.

We have put together a comprehensive set of the top ten best web hosting providers in Australia, whose reputed services and intuitive built-in features accentuate your website, and help you appease your target audience.

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Site Ground

As of 2020, SiteGround garnered acclaim for its web hosting services and won over hundreds of satisfied users and customers. Supporting live chat, issuing of tickets and establishment of a sound communication channel. 

It also totes the label of having been recommended by WordPress, due to its cost-free installation and set-up, a customer care technical support that is available at your service round the clock and specific SSD storage. 

With affordable prices, this domain also boasts an in-built caching plugin called the PowerCacher, eliminating the need for you to install a separate one. 

Unlike its competitors, SiteGround also has a free daily backup alongside Encrypt SSLs and Cloudflare CDN.

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  • Easy and swift website building and development
  • WordPress managed, it assures uninterrupted speed 
  • Several collaboration tools and widgets
  • Enhanced security against data theft
SiteGround Hosting


Although it occupies 25GB disk space, it makes every byte occupation worth it with its heightened functionality and easy to use interface that caters to all kinds of businesses and website content. 

This software particularly deals with cloud hosting by using third-party company servers to deploy apps. With the ease of scalability, Cloudways is also known for its flexibility to operate across devices and servers. 

You are also presented with around 60 data centers to choose from, and their integration with large household brands like Vultr, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud platforms speaks volumes of it being a reliable and trusted choice. 

Its lightning-fast speed and great responsiveness and support are what have got the users gushing about Cloudways!

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  • Free SSL certificates
  • No-cost site migration
  • 24/7 technical support services available
  • AWS and VultR supported 


After having acquired by the EIG company, BlueHost has been lauded for its performance and diligent extension of support. It has been established as a huge brand; therefore it boasts a hoard of satisfied customers and good reviews that makes it an experienced and well-liked domain in the hosting industry. 

Although it requires integration to Cloudflare BlueHost offers all the necessary and diversified hosting features like cloud, VPS, dedicated and also WP. 

It is also known for its extensive compatibility with WordPress, making your website launching and management an easy and hassle-free process.

It is moderately priced, making it easily purchasable without having to think twice about exorbitant of the cost.

  • Single-click installation 
  • FREE domain name
  • Optimized for WordPress
  • FREE SSL certificate
  • 24X7 Support
Bluehost Deal

WPX Hosting (50% Discount)

One of the top WordPress hosting providers WPX Hosting has created a good name for itself in the last few years. A number of big business sites and pro bloggers are using WPX hosting, including our site BeginDot.

So, we can speak from our own experience. I think WPX has the best customer support when it comes to hosting solutions at the moment.

They offer a super-fast hosting option. So, if you are migrating your site from other hosts to WXP, you will see a difference in performance instantly.

Also, as it is a managed hosting service, you will never have to take tension about any hosting related issues because all the small and big issues are completely managed by the team.

They offer 24X7 chat support. So, if you face any issue with your site, you just have to open the chat and describe the issue and the team will take care of the rest.

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  • Super fast hosting
  • Fully managed hosting
  • 24X7 chat support
WPX Hosting


Having been powered by Google Cloud, Kinsta has an infinite number of visits and daily backups to protect and secure your data. This web hosting service is also supported by WP expert and has guaranteed a hack fix. 

It’s Google compatible infrastructure and framework can be easily and regularly updated, thus Kinsta houses the potential to grow into the fastest web host amongst the rest. 

One of the top-notch in the industry, Kinsta is also relatively more expensive than the other web hosting providers but it is because of the innate features that the domain houses. 

Some of them include its ability to conjure the best and most alluring Managed WordPress Hosting solution in the market- both professionally and commercially.

  • Super-fast hosting solution
  • Fully managed support
  • Compatible with WordPress plugins
  • Core accessibility and functionality
  • E-commerce options
Kinsta WP Hosting

A2 Hosting

The key features of A2 hosting include its A2 optimized WP, unlimited SSD alongside unlimited bandwidth and free site migration. If you’re unsatisfied with the domain’s service, you’re also eligible for a cashback without service or timely charges. 

What is also impressive about A2 is of them being a 100% carbon neutral company. In this regard, they have also kickstarted several Go green campaigns and initiatives. 

It is also recognized as one amongst the top hosting brands, due to their optimal features like site speedy, SSD storage and PHP7. With three datacentres across the Australian continent- A2 hosting is very responsive and offers around the clock technical support for its users. 

They also have an exclusive A2 WordPress app. They have garnered several accolades and awards in recent years, and have effectively gained the trust of their users.

  • Inclusive of quicker VPS sharing
  • Upto 20 times faster 
  • Worked its way to the top to become one of the best web hosting providers
  • SSD storage and  PHP7
A2 Hosting


Unlimited bandwidth and storage are what appeases the customers about WP Web Host, in addition to its localized support centers and easy to use interface which has helped several budding entrepreneurs and beginners navigate their way around website development. 

It has been known to be an extremely functional, efficient and highly responsive technical support team that is well-versed in over 20 languages and who can take you patiently through the step-by-step process. 

Their global performance has been quite successful and impressive, and they have also been known for their lightning-fast speed and agility. Several satisfied users and customers have always lauded the nature of service that they have received. 

With competitive pricing, free account domain, unlimited emails, and premium web host- this particular web hosting provider is unbeatable!

  • Drupal and GitHub complaint
  • Custom routing
  • SEO optimized
  • Exceptional lighting speed
  • WordPress optimized


Truly an Australian host to the bone, Crucial has been impressing users worldwide with its approachable, customer-friendly and responsive service; alongside its extremely commendable uninterrupted speed. 

Although relatively small in comparison to the other big names on the list, Crucial has and efficient team that is available 24/7 to make inquiries and offer guidance. 

Furthermore, they house a 50GB disk storage along with unlimited emails and bandwidth. They also show concern regarding their carbon footprint and are involved in several Go Green hosting services and forestry campaigns. 

It has been known to be “best for website targeting audiences within Australia” in specific, and the world in general.

  • Guaranteed compatible upgrades
  • Efficient support team functioning round the clock
  • With Ballistix elite memory

Final Words 

Choosing the ideal web hosting service can be a daunting and overwhelming process. One has to duly consider the server locations, SSL certification, speed, bandwidth, data transfer, and uptime. 

The disk space is also an imperative criterion, alongside support options, email features, and domain registration.

We understand this handful of task and have thus curated this list of the top 10 Australian web hosting providers and enlisted their innate features, benefits, and characteristics to help you make a smart choice. 

We hope that this overview has given you an idea regarding these hosting services and has equipped you with the necessary information to determine which one is best for your website!

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