Best Slack Alternatives for Quick Professional Communication 2021

Make your team communication easier with these team collaboration tools.



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Slack is one of the best team messengers for quick communication between the team members while working on a project.

Slack has remained one of the top online workspaces in the recent past. It is used for messaging apart from collaborating with the workspace in general.

Used by millions of organizations and businesses, Slack has remained one of the top preferences. Slack was built with the belief that life is all about communication, and e-mail no longer serves all the needs. 

However, there are a number of modern alternatives to Slack if you wish to try a different platform for any reason.

And when you have better options available, why would you stick with the old Slack?

Today, we will find you the best Slack alternatives for team communication

Top Slack Alternatives for Team Chat

In this modern-day and age, a large number of companies work in a decentralized format. Team members work from remote locations and platforms like Slack make it easier for the companies to come on board and manage the daily tasks from one centralized online platform.

Here are the best Slack alternatives you can use.

01. Microsoft Teams

Previously, Microsoft Team was only available to the Office 365 subscribers. Now that is no longer a hurdle. Everyone can now use Microsoft Teams for free. 

Having said that, we do acknowledge that the free version of Microsoft Teams offers limited features, but that would be enough for meeting the requirement of small organizations. 

The standard feature of Microsoft Teams includes the unlimited messaging that it supports. The free version of free Slack allows the team only to exchange 10,000 messages

You can chat privately with more one or more people. Video conferring is not a problem with Microsoft teams. 

Firstly, Microsoft Teams allows the users to join meetings and view your schedule. You can also work with your team’s document. 

In short, Microsoft Teams is a hub for teamwork. Focus on what really matters on this platform. 

The only hassle that comes with Microsoft Teams is the sign-up and sign-in process. But you cannot blame them for it as security is their prime concern and they want to keep you safe.

Are you wondering why you should consider Microsoft Teams? Well, we will help you to figure that out. 

  • Communicate more effectively: You can get your team on the same page on Micorosft Teams through web conferencing, calling, online meetings, and group chat.
  • Work better together: The platform works well with SharePoint, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. 
  • Customize your workspace: You can use third-party services to increases the features of Microsoft Teams. 
  • Keep your team security: The best part of Microsoft Teams is that it supports end-to-end security, which keeps everything safe. 

Pricing of Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams supports three plans:

  • Free: This plan partially includes chat-based collaboration and security and compliances. 
  • Office 365 Business Premium: This plan includes chat-based collaboration and administration and support. It partially includes security and compliance features. 
  • Office 365 E3: This plan includes all the features completely. 

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS


02. Fleap

Fleap provides an ideal way to communicate. With Fleap, you can work faster, better, and smarter. 

The platform allows users to combine messaging with tasks and file transferring. Firstly, Fleap supports all the features that are required to coordinate with the team’s work. 

From idea to execution, you can use Fleap to carry out your task easily with your team. 

Secondly, all the conversation that you carry out on Fleap revolves around teams, projects, and essential topics. You can discuss ideas easily on the app. 

Thirdly, when you find an important conversation, you can go ahead and highlight them or even pin and then coordinate your team members to execute the idea. 

The plus point of using Fleap that the hassle of signing in and signing out is wholly eradicated. With a simple search feature, you can add your clients and partners to any conversation.

In case they are not Fleep users, you can simply invite them to join the platform. 

Moreover, all the files that you store on Fleap are stored in the cloud, and this makes the file accessible from all the devices where you sign in. 

To make it easier for you, let me pin down the USP of this platform:

  • Fleep conversations: You can revolve your conversations around topics, teams, and projects that matter. 
  • Pinboard: One can pin the important discussion point on a virtual pinboard. 
  • Tasks: After having a task, you can use his feature to assign different tasks to your team members, and you can further track it. 
  • Fleep Teams: It can be used to organize the communication which is happening inside the team. 
  • Fleep for business: The admin will be given the power to control different accounts, teams, and message history. 
  • Integration: All the notification feed is integrated with the conversation here.

Pricing of Fleep

Fleep supports three plans:

  • Basic plan: It can be used for free. It is best for students, friends, and communities. The basic plan supports full message history, unlimited 1:1 conversation, up to three group conversations, 10 GB file storage, and native apps. 
  • Business Plan: It will cost you 5 Euros per user, which is billed monthly. It is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Apart from the basic features, it supports unlimited group conversations, 100 GB file storage, teams, user account management, premium conversations, organization settings, retention policy for files, logo, my tasks, and status message. 
  • Enterprise: This plan can be totally customized, and it is best for corporations and large businesses. This plan further supports a volume discount. 

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux


03. Rocket Chat

Rocket Chat is different than other platforms because it is open-source team communication. You can use it for free and provides unlimited features. 

You can use Rocket Chat to replace HipChat, e-mail, and Slack. Further, with Rocket Chat, you can replace CC/BCC hassle of e-mails. 

Firstly, Rocket Chat allows transparent conversations among team members. Secondly, you can do team chat and switch to audio or video calls. This will improve efficiency teamwork. 

Above all, improve the productivity of your team by sharing and discussing your ideas, files, and a project that, too, in real-time. 

Most importantly, Rocket Chat app supports unlimited users, channels, searches, messages, guests, and file uploads. Additional features of Rocket Chat include:

  • Free audio and video conferencing
  • Guest access
  • Screen sharing
  • File sharing
  • LiveChat
  • LDAP group sync
  • Two-factor authentication
  • E2E encryption
  • SSO

Further, the platform provides endless customization. What makes Rocket Chat different are: 

  • Integrations: You can add incoming and outgoing WebHook
  • Plugins: You can add additional plugins like Pidgin and Drupal here. 
  • Themes: You can personalize Rocket Chat completely built-in styles.
  • Powerful APIs: You can use LiveChat API, REST API, and Real-time API. 
  • Data Importers: You can migrate from other team chat software here. This also includes HipChat and Slack. 
  • Marketplace: You can always extend the features of Rocket by installing different apps. 

Pricing of Rocket Chat

Rocket Chat supports three plans:

  • Free: It is for teams that are ready to work on their team communication. 
  • Pro: For a business with low scalability. It will cost $30 per user annually. 
  • Enterprise: It is devised for a business that needs a high level of scalability, management, and unlimited features. 

Platforms: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS

Rocket Chat

04. ProofHub

All the tools that you need for team collaboration and communication are available under one roof. Certainly, ProofHub is loved by many users because it is easy to understand, and there is no per-user fee for using it. 

You can easily plan your actions using ProofHub by using:

  • Kanban boards: You can use it to allow the teams to self-manage by maintaining their workflow on Kanban boards. 
  • Custom workflows: You can create multiple stages by using these features. You can then assign the stages to your team members. 
  • Gantt chart: This allows you to plan and visualize your project by creating a timeline. 
  • Tasks: Using this feature, you can assign different tasks to different users. You can also prioritize different tasks here. 
  • Project Manager: You can check who is managing what project here. The app will notify you about all the missed deadlines and overdue tasks. This feature comes handy to maintain accountability. 

You can also use ProofHub to collaborate by:

  • Proofing
  • Discussions
  • Chat
  • Mentions
  • Announcements
  • Email-in

ProofHub can be used to organize:

  • Calendar
  • Files and documents
  • Project templates
  • Request forms
  • Notes
  • File version control

Most importantly, once the planning and execution part is over, you can use ProofHub to deliver:

  • Projects and resource reports
  • Workload report
  • Timesheets
  • Project overview
  • Project progress report
  • Daily agenda

Other additional features of ProofHub includes:

  • White-labelling: Choose your own custom domain, theme color, and logo.
  • IP Restriction: Give access to selected IP addresses and keep your data secure. 
  • Notifications: It supports real-time notification in smartphones, e-mail, desktop, and app. 
  • API Access: API key can be used to access profile information that is present in other apps. 
  • Trash Can: Deleted data are present here. You have the option of deleting something forever. 
  • Activity Logs: Allows reviewing of activities for different projects. 
  • Bookmark: It can be used to bookmark the work that you frequently visit.
  • Integrations: You can integrate other apps with ProofHub. 

Pricing of ProofHub

ProofHub supports two plans:

  • Essential: It supports 40 projects, unlimited users, and 15GB. (Price: $45/ month billed annually)
  • Ultimate Control: It supports unlimited projects, unlimited users and 100GB, and other core features. (Price: $89/month billed annually). 

05. Spike

Firstly, Spike is your do-it-all conversation e-mail. With this app, you can chat, collaborate, and manage your calendar. 

Spikes saves you from the complication of e-mails. You do not need any message threads, headers, and signatures here. 

The advanced search of Spike allows you to search for anything so that you can find everything. Most importantly, one unified calendar makes it easier for you to view everything in one place. 

Other features of Spike are:

  • Snooze pin, emails, mute, and archive. 
  • Attach from the cloud to share everything easily. 
  • All the data is encrypted through AES256 encryption.
  • It supports customized notification. 
  • You can do voice and video calls. 
  • Instead of typing, you can send voice notes. 
  • If you do not want to open a file, just go for a file preview. 
  • It provides undo send option, which comes very handy when you accidentally send any file. 

Pricing of Spike

Spike supports two plans:

  • Personal Accounts: You can use it for free. It helps unlimited personal accounts and group chat up to 10. It also supports automated rules, encrypted emails, voice meetings, video meetings, and basic e-mail features. 
  • Pro Accounts: Apart from the features which are available on a personal account, it supports one custom domain account and unlimited group chats. The pricing is $5.99.

Platform: macOS, Windows, Android, and iOS


FAQs About Slack

01. What is Slack?

Slack is a team messenger platform where your entire team can get together and communicate while working on any project. It is a great tool for companies that works remotely.

02. How Slack can be helpful?

Slack can be a very helpful tool for team collaboration and coordination. As the manager, you can quickly assign tasks to a team member sitting anywhere in the world. So, it makes communication between team simple and easy.

03. Is Slack free to use?

Yes, you can start using Slack for free. The free plan offered by Slack gives you access to 10,000 of your team’s most recent messages. Even if you go for the paid plans, the price is affordable.

04. How many users are there on Slack?

Slack claims to have over 12 million daily active users and over 100K paid members.

05. Is Slack only for mobile apps?

No, Slack offers you both the options, the mobile apps as well as the web version of the platform.

06. Can I share a file using Slack?

Yes, you can easily share a file with your team members on the Slack platform.

What is the best Slack alternative?

Undoubtedly, Slack is good, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying its alternative. For a beginning, you can try the free version of the platform that you like. If you like the free version, you can go for the paid version. 

To sum up, before you go for the Slack alternative, list down your requirements, and then look for the alternative that best fits your needs. 


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