30 Best Number Fonts: Free and Paid

A collection of some best number fonts that you can use for any project.

Best Number Fonts

What Are The Best Number Fonts?

We have created this extensive collection of top-number fonts that you can use on your project.

When considering the typography of a website, most of the attention is drawn to the letters for obvious reasons. However, the numbers are crucial too. 

You should especially be mindful of the number font while designing infographics, calendars or other designs that house a number. 

Only through the right number font can you give a professional and artistic touch to your design or website. Thankfully, there are many number fonts, and it can be challenging to choose the right one. 

We have made things easier for you with this list of the best number fonts.

So, let’s get started. 

1. Dione Room Numbers Display Font Family 

Dione Room Numbers Display is a non-alphabetic serif font. It solely focuses on numerical and currency symbols. 

Painted hotel room number plates inspire the font. The same is clearly visible from the look of it! If you are looking for a display font, consider Dione Room Numbers Display. 

Didone Room Numbers

2. Dropgray

If you want a touch of elegance in your design, your search should end with Dropgray. This font supports the following:

  • Numbers 
  • Symbols 
  • Uppercase and lowercase 

Sarid Ezra is the creator of Dropgray, which is perfect for any high-end design. In addition, the font supports a multi-language feature which is a bonus. 

Use Dropgray if you want to add the touch of 70s in your design 

Dropgray Font

3. Okami

Okami is a brush font perfect for a modern but elegant design. The USP of Okami is that it gives a look of hand-drawn font with a touch of a rough edge. 

You can use Okami if you need to jot down: 

  • Numbers 
  • Uppercase 
  • Multilingual letters
  • Punctuation 

The font supports many alternate styles for most of the letters. 

Okami - Brush Font

4. Chisel 

Drew Melton is the designer of the Chisel font. Again, it is a non-alphabetic font that you can use in window displays and posters. 

The font is available in three different styles. We recommend this font if you want to use only solid number symbols in your design. 

Chisel Font

5. Quirk 

True to its name, Quirk is a funky font. The curves in the numbers are what make this font unique. 

You can use the Quirk font for:

  • Numbers 
  • Special characters 
  • All caps and small caps alternate characters 

The alternate collection of the font is handy for crafting unique designs. 

Quirk Font

6. Western Grit 

Belonging to the Serif family, Western Grit gives a distressed look to the numbers. It is a hand-drawn font that gives an old-style feel. 

Western Grit will look good on signs and posters that need a vintage look. In addition to numbers and symbols, you can also use them for writing basic characters and punctuation. 

Western Grit

7. Gessetto 

Gessetto is the perfect font for child-friendly projects. Coming from the chalk font family, the USP of Gessetto lies in the variation that it carries both in texture and style. 

It can be best described as a fusion between cursive and Italic Roman. https://creativemarket.com/Resistenza/1223416-Gessetto-Family-%289-fonts%29 

8. Clement Numbers 

This font is inspired by the 1838 Type Specimen Book, which was issued to the designer by Fonderie Clement. 

The spiral swirl of the numbers gives essence to Clement Numbers font. 

Clement Numbers

9. Monoton 

The visual style of Monoton will remind your readers of the 1930s metal press fonts. Even though Monoton is designed for web browsers, it is best suitable for flyers. 

You can lay your hands on Monoton for free. 


10. Jacques Francois Shadow

Cyreal, the designer of Jacques Francois Shadow, drew the inspiration for the font from Jacques Francois Rosart. The shadow effect of the text makes it stand out almost in all the mediums. 

Jacques Francois Shadow is best suited for designs in large print sizes

Jacques Francois Shadow Font

11. CombiNumerals Font

CombiNumerals Font is a block font for numbers. You can use this font to create a circle number. 

It is best suitable to design web graphics and guidebooks. 

CombiNumerals Font

12. Beurmon

Beurmon is a rounded-edge font with a geometric touch. You can use this font both for numbers and symbols. However, even though it has multilingual support, it can only be used for Uppercase. 

You can use Beurmon in writings that require large text, such as headlines and texts used on magazine covers. 

Beurmon Font

13. Ember 

This font style for numbers is available in two different styles. It is a big stencil font that helps create impactful headings. 

Considering it is a large-sized text, you can use Ember for designing posters and flyers. 

Ember Typeface

14. Hikou Inline 

Hikou Inline is a beautiful vintage font that works great for titles. In addition to writing numbers, you can also use it for uppercase multilingual letters. 

You can use the unique design of Hikou Inline to craft social media posts with an aesthetic look. 

Hikou Inline Font

15. Kumar One 

Kumar One flaunts broad vertical strokes with thinner horizontal lines. In addition, the 45 degrees angle at the corners of the Kumar One number makes them look better. 

It looks clean and decorative at the same time, which ultimately results in a professional look. 

Kumar One

16. Old Standard TT

What can you expect from Old Standard TT? Well, for many, it invokes a feeling of nostalgia by taking them back to the 20th century. 

It is a mix of serif and modern sans-serif styles. The font looks clean, and you can use it on a website that wants a minimalist-looking font. 

Old Standard TT

17. Press Start 2P

Press Start 2P is a cool font that gamers will definitely like. The pixel style of the font makes it suitable for designing anything that is game related.  

You can use Press Start 2P for free from Google Fonts. 

Press Start 2P

18. Bad Script 

Do not be fooled by the name of this font. Even though this font is named Bad Script, it is actually a perfect font. 

When you use Bad Script in the numbers, the uneven base of the digit will give a unique look to the design. 

Bad Script

19. Damion  

Damion looks good not only in numbers but also in letters as well. So you can use it if you are looking forward to creating an easy-to-read work. 

The round and bold edge of the Damion font makes it suitable for all websites. 

Damion Font

20. Crimson Text

Crimson Text is again available in Google Fonts. This font is all about simplicity and elegance. 

Irrespective of the fact whether you want to create a serious or casual design, Crimson Text is suitable because of the clean lines. 

Crimson Text

21. Lato 

Lato is a trendy number font because of its clean look. The simple look of the font makes it suitable for designing almost anything. 

If you want to write big numbers in a design, consider Lato because of its beauty that stands out in larger texts. 

Lato Font

22. Varela Round 

As the name suggests, Varela Round is a round typeface. It gives a casual feel, and you should use it in a small font size. 

The readability factor of Valera Round is good, making it suitable for long texts and numbers. 

Varela Round 

23. DM Serif Display 

Everything about the DM Serif Display speaks about power. The contrast of the font makes it suitable for writing numbers when you want to highlight something. 

DM Serif Display can easily dominate the space when used in a design. Therefore, use it only when you include limited numbers on a page to bring a visual hierarchy. 

DM Serif Display

24. Cormorant Garamond

You can use Cormorant Garamond to include numbers in the titles or the headlines. The aesthetic look of Cormorant Garamond makes it suitable for product designs but not long texts. 

Cormorant Garamond

25. BoldPrice 

The USP of BoldPrice lies in the wood effect of its bold version. It offers a regular-weight version too. 

BoldPrice only has superior numbers and is best suitable for restaurant menus and writing prices. 

BoldPrice Font

26. Neue Helvetica

Designed back in 1957, Neue Helvetica is still popular because of its classic style. Furthermore, the font gives a contemporary touch to the classic Helvetica. 

Neue Helvetica

27. Sofia Pro

It belongs to the geometric sans font family. Sofia Pro is a popular font amongst graphic designers. 

Even though Sofia Pro looks contemporary, it is also elegant. The font is best suitable for numbers in small text. In addition, you can use it while designing mobile apps or business cards. 

Sofia Pro Font

28. Copse 

Copse is a very readable font, thanks to its classic look. Even though many people do not know about Copse, it is a font with unique features. 

The contrast design of Copse makes it suitable for writing blogs

Copse Font

29. Graduate

We recommend you use Graduate for anything related to education. The block-style design of Graduate makes it suitable for any college work. 

The Graduate font is available for free in Google Fonts. 

Graduate Font

30. Poppins

Poppins belong to the sans-serif family. It is suitable to design almost everything because of its excellent figure design. 

The font supports many weight variations. You can experiment with the variations and settle for the one that suits the design. 

Poppins Font

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