30 Best Lettering Fonts

A collection of top free & paid Lettering Fonts that you can use on all different kinds of projects.

Best Lettering Fonts

Texts are an essential source of information in websites, books and even designs. It is why the type of lettering font you use in your text is crucial. 

You can improve the text’s tone and readability with the correct lettering fonts, resulting in a better reader experience. 

There are a plethora of lettering fonts available in the market. Depending upon your requirement, you can choose one. Here is a list of the 30 best lettering fonts to make it easier for you to decide. 

Best Lettering Fonts 

1. Mallicot Script

It is a dynamic and modern calligraphic font. You can use Mallicot Script when you design:

  • Wedding invitations 
  • Signage 
  • Letterhead 

Even though it is also available as a web font, we do not recommend using it to write an entire paragraph with it. Instead, use the font only when writing a title or a header for an aesthetic look. 

Mallicot Script Font

2. Beloved Teacher

If you want to create a warm vibe with your letters, Beloved Teacher is the right font for you. This bold script acts as a cheerful vibe in the overall design. 

We recommend using Beloved Teacher if you plan to design a greeting card. 

Beloved Teacher Font

3. Kania Script Typeface 

Kania Script Typeface as a font stands out because of its handcrafted brush feel, which looks so aesthetic. The long swashes of the letter immediately creates a handmade feeling. 

You can use Kania Script Typeface to include letters in a logo or want a title to shine in a text. 

Kania Script Typeface

4. Amnesty – Handwritten Font Duo 

Use Amnesty – Handwritten Font Duo to add a rustic element to your text. The font style is dramatic and is suitable for creating taglines or introducing a video. 

If you are designing a large poster or display, use Amnesty – Handwritten Font Duo to make the text look expressive. 

Amnesty - Handwritten Font Duo

5. Carosello 

Carosello drew its inspiration from vintage ads. As a result, it carries an element of both perfection and imperfection to create the aura of the historical period. 

It is a handmade font that you can include in vintage designs or while writing inspirational phrases. 

Carosello Font

6. Allura

Allura is an elegant font that looks classic and professional. The pretty curve details of this lettering font immediately add a pleasing effect to the text. 

You can use Allura for writing both small and large-sized texts. 

Allura Font

7. Thirsty script

In total, Thirsty Script houses 12 different styles. As a result, it simultaneously gives the feel of contemporary and modern lettering fonts. 

You can select one of the styles to design almost anything. Everything will look in Thirsty Script!

Thirsty script

8. Cinzel Decorative 

Cinzel Decorative is a popular lettering font because of its clean look. Consider this font if you want to include a classy font for your website. 

Cinzel Decorative is also available in different fonts. So whether you are writing a title or the body of a text, you can choose a suitable style. 

Cinzel Decorative 

9. Bucksaw Creative 

It is a versatile font which is both strong and sturdy. The lowercase of this lettering font especially stands out because of its modern look. 

Even though Bucksaw Creative looks sleek, it reminds you of the 1940s! This font comes in five weight variations. 

Bucksaw Grotesque

10. Helvetica

Inspired by the 19th-century typeface, Helvetica is a popular font because of its clean look. This lettering font supports a variety of:

  • Weights 
  • Styles 
  • Sizes 
  • Matching designs 

Helvetica also comes with multilingual support. So you can use it to design webpages, social media posts, or even write a book. 

helvetica font

11. Bodoni

Bodoni is another popular lettering font best known for its detailed emphasis on different letters. It provides clear readability even in small-sized text. 

This font is inspired by older typefaces that were popular in the 1920s. 

Bodoni Font

12. Blenda 

Reading texts which are written using the Blenda font is a pleasure. Carrying a vintage vibe, Blenda provides easy readability and a satisfying look. 

It also looks stylish and is suitable for designing logos and writing titles and headlines. 

Blenda Font

13. Playball

It is a fun text that looks great in uppercase and lowercase. The connections between the letters are what makes Playball an elegant font too. 

Consider using the Playball font if you need to write a short body section. 

Playball. Font

14. Golden Hills

Golden Hills is a smooth and bold text. The USP of this font lies in its clearly visible consistency. 

It has a flawless look and can be used to design almost anything. 

Golden Hills Font

15. Tangerine

This lettering font is all about elegance and classiness. Handwritten chancery scripts are the inspiration behind the texts. 

The letter texts are semi-connected. The elegance of Tangerine comes from the difference between the ascenders and descenders of the letters. 

Tangerine Font

16. Bukhari

The monoline font with a touch of bold ensures that the texts written in Bukhari demand attention. 

It houses the following variations: Standard, Stylistic Alternate, Stylistic Set and Combination. All the variations give a rich look to the font. 

Bukhari Font

17. FabfeltScript 

FabfeltScript gives a handwritten look, perfect for adding a tiny element of fun to your text. In addition, the bold style of FabfeltScript increases the readability of the texts. 

You can use FabfeltScript for headlines and small text sections for maximum impact. 

FabfeltScript Font

18. Balqis 

If you want to add a feminine touch to the text, then Balqis is the right font for you. Even though it is casual, it gives a natural feeling. 

Additionally, it gives a watercolor feel. You can use it while designing invitations and greeting cards. 

Balqis Free Font

19. Bird House Script 

Bird House Script is one of the best lettering fonts to add a personal touch while keeping the texts classy. Also, it is a handwritten font. 

You can use Bird House Script as a suitable font for branding. 

Bird House Script

20. Clarkson Script 

It is a refreshing and versatile font to give the right twist to digital lettering. It houses over 550 glyphs. 

The contextual alternates of Clarkson Script make it suitable for digital lettering arts. Its additional feature includes ligature. 

Clarkson Script

21. Selfish Font 

Selfish font flaunts asymmetric thick strokes and lines. It is what makes Selfish Font aesthetically beautiful. However, when used in a text, it gives a feel of hurried handwriting. 

You can use Selfish Font to give a unique look to the texts of social media posts. 

Selfish Font

22. Just Lovely

Just Lovely is a handwritten font with an element of casual touch. The dry-brushed look of the font makes it perfect for designs that require a flirty touch. 

The font is available in numerous styles to support your text design needs. 

Just Lovely Font

23. Hanley Pro 

Hanley Pro gives a vintage look without looking outdated. This font style looks like a wood block and presents a monoline version. 

It brings a human feel to it with its irregular edge. The versatility of Hanley Pro makes it a perfect font for a modern vintage look. 

SCRIPTHanley Pro Font

24. Ink – Handwriting Font 

If you want a font that gives casual touch, try the Ink font. It is a natural handwriting font that looks casual and classy. 

You can use this font while designing an invitation or greeting card and writing a small text body section. 

Ink - Handwriting Font

25. Olivia

Olivia is a font that oozes elegance. The font is beautiful to look at, thanks to the thin brushstroke looks with elegant swashes. 

The texts written in Olivia’s font will create a feeling of warmth. Therefore, it is perfect for letters used in greeting cards and invitations. 

Olivia Font

26. Metzler 

Classic geometric typefaces have inspired the style of Metzler. The versatile look of the font makes it perfect for all kinds of text. 

The readability of Metzler is so good that you can use it in texts of a long body too. 

METZLER Minimal Sans-Serif Typeface

27. Cansu Sans Serif Font Family 

It is a minimal Sans Serif Font. Cansu Sans Serif Font Family supports five weights: Bold, Outline, Round, Light and Regular. 

Furthermore, it comes with multilingual support. The minimal look makes the font look clean. You can use it in designs of all sizes. It would look good in all! 

Cansu Sans Serif Font Family

28. Banny Sans Serif Font Family 

The smooth edge of the letters of Banny Sans Serif gives it a feel of vintage printing. The font supports both uppercase and lowercase multilingual letters. 

You can use this font in small sections of text to draw attention. Hence, it is suitable for readers of logo designs, magazines, notices, headers and presentations. 

Banny Sans Serif Font Family

29. Malak 

Malak is a modern font belonging to the Sans Serif font family. It offers high readability and gives the texts a minimal and clean look. 

It supports numerous font weights, making it perfect for both designing purposes and as a simple web font. 

Malak Sans Serif Font Family

30. CornerOne Typeface

If you look forward to a clear and concise font, your search should end with CornerOne Typeface. The round edge of the font gives it a very simplistic look. 

CornerOne Typeface supports bold and regular styles and is an ideal font type for websites. 

CornerOne Typeface

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