200+ Best Instagram Filters for Photoshop (Bundle)

Make your pictures look stunning using these Photoshop filters that are created for the Instagram audience


Instagram is one of the most widely used apps by celebrities as well as general users. While most of the other social sites are stagnant at the moment, Insta is growing at a very rapid pace.

As per the report, Instagram has grown over 1 billion users a month putting it way ahead of Snapchat and Facebook.

So, if you are not making use of this goldmine of users, you are probably losing a huge potential customer base for your business.

We have already published a few useful articles about Instagram such as the following.

I’m sure these articles will be helpful for you while you try to increase your followers on Instagram. While you can’t place URLs if your content is everywhere like other social media sites, a properly set plan can surely help you grow your business using Instagram.

There are so many brands that are leveraging the power of Instagram and making millions of dollars every month.

Also, you don’t really have to own a business to make money on Instagram. Some celebrities are making millions just by promoting products on Instagram.

As a general user, you can do that too. All you have to do is increase your follower base and then reach out to third-party-related products to promote on your page.

As Instagram filters are one of the most important and widely used elements to make photos look better, we will see how we can make the best use of the filters to create stunning images.

In this article, we will look at some of the best Instagram filters for Photoshop to create amazing photos for your brand.

Instagram Filters For Photoshop

Faded Films: 75 Film & Retro Effects

Give stylish faded effect to your images with these stunning Photoshop actions. Make your images look professional and good-looking with these one-click effects.

You will not need a custom photo designer to make your images look great before you upload them on your Instagram profile.

Photoshop for Instagram

Instant Hipster: 27 Instagram Filters

A great collection of 27 stunning Instagram filters that you can use to make your images look attractive. These effects are created to max two layers and each can be fine-tuned to alter the strength.

Insta Effects

50 Free Summer Photoshop Actions

These are custom-created image effects for summer photography. You will be able to create a stunning design without much effort.

You will be saving a lot of time while you work on the effects. If you are a professional photographer, you will like this set of designs that can instantly take your photos to a whole new level.


Glitch Effect

Glitch effect is popular among users and some images look really cool with the glitch effect. Here’s an amazing effect bundle that you can use for your projects.

Glitch Effect

Double Exposure Action

If you are in the process of creating any CD cover, film cover, magazine color or any such creative work, this Photoshop bundle will be of great help to you.

These photo effect designs can be used for ad campaigns, flyers, billboards and social media content such as Instagram.

Double Exposure Action

Night to Twilight Photoshop Actions

Enhance your nighttime photos and make them look as good as the best in the business. These click and apply kinds of effects, you don’t have to do anything extra to make your photos talk.

Night to Twilight Photoshop Actions

30 Free Instagram Photoshop Actions

This is a stunning collection of free Photoshop actions for Instagram pics. You can use these filters to create great-looking images for your Insta profile.

This collection was created by Shahab Ahmadi you can download the pack by using the link below and use it on any personal or professional project.

Photoshop for Instagram

Indie Camera Actions for Adobe Photoshop

Seventeen stunning designs to give your photos a retro look instantly. These are out-of-the-box effects you don’t have to be a designer to make the best out of these effects.

This pack comes with over 100 beautiful gradient maps so that you have the options you need to create the perfect image before you upload it on Instagram.

Adobe Photoshop Effects for Instagram

Toy Camera Photography Actions 

Another plugin and play kind of Photoshop effects in action. You just have to choose the photo and the effect you want to go for.

Make sure that your photos look perfect before sharing them on social media sites. These actions are created to give your pics a retro look.

Toy Camera Photography Actions

Comic Oil Paint Photoshop Actions

If you wish to give your Instagram pics a different feel, this Photoshop pack is for you. With these Photoshop actions, you will be able to give your pics a comic look and feel.

This pack offers you ten different comic feel that you can use on your photos. These effects will surely create a buzz among your Instagram following and you will be able to attract more followers with these slightly different-looking pictures.

Comic Oil Paint Photoshop Actions

Insta Blog Photoshop Actions

If you are into fashion blogging, food blogging, photo blogging or anything similar, look no further. This pack is custom-created for the bloggers to give the images the perfect look before they are uploaded on Instagram.

This pack comes with a number of different actions and layers. However, it doesn’t alter the original layer of the image so that you can use it for some other action later.

Insta Blog Photoshop Actions

Portrait Action

Make your image talk with this amazing Photoshop effect. You can use this layer on your images before uploading them on Instagram.

If you share your pictures on Instagram regularly, here is a beautiful Photoshop effect that can be applied with a lick.

Photoshop Effect for Instagram

Minimal Animated Instagram Stories Templates

A collection of beautiful Instagram story templates created in Photoshop. You can easily edit these templates to make them your own.

Minimal Animated Instagram Stories Templates

Watercolor KIT for Photoshop

If you want to give an amazing watercolor effect to your Instagram pictures, here is the pack you need. You will be able to give your pics an attractive finish with these 74 hand-made watercolor Photoshop styles.

watercolor photoshop styles

Impasto Oil Paint Photoshop Action

Make any photo look like a hand-stroked oil painting with this pack of oil paint effects. This pack also offers you 120 different color presets to apply to your photos.

Impasto Oil Paint Photoshop Action

Final Word

We will be adding more Photoshop image files for Instagram in this collection, so don’t forget to bookmark this page.

These Photoshop effects are newbie-friendly and work out of the box. You don’t have to be an experienced designer to make your pictures look attractive anymore.

If you are managing a media business, any fashion blog, or any other business where your audience is active on Instagram, you must use these photo effect packs to attract more and more users to your Instagram profile.

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