50 Best HD Quality iPhone Wallpapers

HD iPhone Wallpapers

Best HD iPhone wallpaper collection that you can use on your iPhone as well as iPad. Download any of these stunning wallpapers for free and get started.

An average person checks his cell phone quite frequently. Although it seems insignificant a nice wallpaper can actually keep your mood positive.

Coming to the options available, the number is overwhelming with a lot of designers and artists trying their hand at creating the best.

Here, we bring you 50 DH quality iPhone wallpapers that we think are best for you and your smart friend; your smartphone.

Previously, we have written an article about the best wallpapers for iPhone 7, you will find some beautiful options in that post as well.

Stunning HD Wallpapers for iPhone



HD iPhone Wallpaper

Designed by a freelance illustrator – Scott Balmer, this wallpaper looks amazing with a red background and a squirrel in the center.

Appealing and creative, it can adorn your screen with its simple look and design. You will definitely love it if you are an animal lover. You may download the wallpaper here.

Luigi’s Mansion

Top quality wallpaper

Showcasing a cartoon character’s home, which the designer refers to as a ‘mansion’, the wallpaper has a green background and nice detailing.

With a torch in his hand, the character Luigi has been created with a great eye for art. You may download this wallpaper here.

Awakens 1

Awakens wallpaper

Designed by Guy Warley, this new Star Wars themed wallpaper is perfect for its fans. It looks a little bit messy though but is surely different from the regular gradient or blank background wallpapers.

A nice fit for your Apple devices, you may get the wallpaper here.


Fruit Wallpaper

A wallpaper inspired by nature, coming from Alberto Verdu – a graphic designer from Valencia, the design of the wallpaper is inspired by fruits.

Although the design looks a bit messed up and difficult to comprehend at first glance, yet the wallpaper is not a bad choice. You may download it here.


Expanda iPhone Wallpaper

An extremely simple yet appealing design, this wallpaper has been designed by James Gibbs. A great fit for panda lovers or animal lovers in general, the wallpaper has an incredibly simple layout. You may download it here.


HD quality iPhone & iPad Wallpaper

Created by James Gibbs, this wallpaper has an extremely simple yet design yet the appeal of a masterpiece. Featuring an ostrich over a blue background, the design seems like created with watercolours.

The sun in the bottom right corner adds more charm to the scenery.

The wallpaper can be downloaded here.


Elongator Wallpaper

Designed by James Gibbs – an illustrator and designer from UK, this wallpaper shows a reptile going towards a water body. Depicting a typical seaside scene, the wallpaper is perfect for animal lovers.

The color combination has made it even more captivating. You may download the wallpaper here.


Talltoise Wallpaper

Created by James Gibbs, this wallpaper features a tortoise with tall legs. The scene looks good and appealing with blue watercolor ink background and some low-lying mountains.

You may download the wallpaper here.


Live Wallpaper

Designed by Victoria Lacroix – a French, London based artist and illustrator, this wallpaper has a white background.

Featuring an animal faced woman, the wallpaper has a mixed design and looks tempting. You may download it here.


Laugh Wallpaper

Created by Victoria Lacroix, this wallpaper looks charismatic with a lot going on in the background. An animal faced the woman, a stray pineapple with some alphabets thrown here form a few parts of the background scenery. You may download the wallpaper here.


Market Wallpaper

Showcasing a market scene, the wallpaper has a rich color combination and looks enchanting.

Featuring a number of fruits and some buyers, the design is delightful and relatable. This wallpaper can be downloaded here.


Shop iPhone Wallpaper

Designed by Teddy Kang – a Toronto based illustrator and designer, this wallpaper is quite pleasing. Featuring the scene of a shop, the design shows a number of items kept for sale in the shop.

Adding value to your screen, the wallpaper has a complex design and can be downloaded here.

Winter Time

Winter Time

Created by Studio Brun, an illustrator and designer from the Netherlands, the wallpaper gorgeously shows a winter scene.

With a snow-clad background and some pine trees, it looks engaging and real. The wallpaper is available for free download here.

Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves Wallpaper

Another nature wallpaper, this one clearly shows the beauty of the fall. Designed by Studio Brun, the background has some mountains and leafless trees.

The striking scene of the autumn couldn’t have been presented better. Adding to it is the pleasing color combination. Download the wallpaper here.

Environmental Design

Environmental Design Wallpaper

Brought to you by Mariya Moshchenskaya – an artist, a graphic designer, and video maker, the wallpaper has a textured look with a mixture of shades of blue, grey and green.

Not showing any scene in specific, the work is rather blank with the use of colors only. It can be downloaded here.

Eco Design

Eco Design Wallpaper

Designed by Mariya Moshchenskaya, this plain wallpaper stands out from the crowd with its unbelievably simple design.

The white glowing star-like structures forming a cluster elevate the charisma of the piece and make it look fascinating. The wallpaper can be downloaded here.

Industrial Design

Industrial Design Wallpaper

Resembling the look of a building with a lot of pipes, this design created by Mariya Moshchenskaya gives the user a break from the regular natural and floral wallpapers.

Something different with a unique choice of colors, this wallpaper is available for free download here.


Architecture iOS Wallpapers

Made up of numerous small cube-like structures, this wallpaper has a striking appeal. Giving an illusion of a three-dimensional structure, the wallpaper is available for free download here.

It has been designed by Mariya Moshchenskaya – a graphic designer and a video maker.

Ferris Wheel Day

Ferris Wheel Day Wallpaper

Teddy Kang created this wallpaper featuring a giant wheel and some clouds in the background. The Toronto based illustrator has worked hard to create this spunky design.

Your 5 years old may fall in love with this one! Download it here.

Ferris Wheel Night

Ferris Wheel Night Wallpaper

Showing a star-studded night with a giant Ferris wheel in the foreground, the design is a cool portrayal of a night scene.

Red looks enchanting on a black background and the emoji faces on the compartments of the wheel add even more to the details. You may download the wallpaper here.


Hero Background Image

Designed by Tof Zapanta – an illustrator, designer and art director from Manila, this wallpaper with a blank red background takes inspiration from superheroes and their adventurous life.

A perfect piece for superhero fans, this wallpaper is available for free download here.


HD quality iOS Wallpapers

A teasing wallpaper featuring a woman on a red background, the design has something sexy about it.

Appealing to the user with its ‘bad’ qualities and evil nature, the wallpaper has something different to offer compared to the regular optimistic wallpapers. It can be downloaded here.


Hug iPhone Wallpaper

A lovey-dovey wallpaper featuring a child hugging a bear, the design is pleasing to the eye and the soul.

Designed by Chemapop, the gradient background adds to the charm of the piece and makes it irresistible. It is available here for free download.


Heart Wallpaper

A bearded man looking at hearts floating in the air, this wallpaper is a nice attempt at creating a simple yet stunning design.

The color of the man’s skin complements the textured background very well and is the highlight of the artwork. It is available for free download here.

Creepy Crawlies 1

Creepy Crawlies 1

Designed by Studio Brun – an illustrator and designer from the Netherlands, the design shows a network of ants and house insects lost in a world of their own.

The nude background goes perfectly with the dark shades of the bodies of the insects. Download the wallpaper here.

Creepy Crawlies 2

Creepy Crawlies 2

The wallpaper features a lot of insects resembling a ladybug running towards or away from each other.

The background has been kept blue giving the illusion of a water-based scene. You may download it here. It has been designed by Studio Brun.

Kids B

Kids B Wallpaper

With a plain blue background, the wallpaper features a kid posing sideways. Wearing winter clothes and carrying a bag, the eyes of the child have been painted blue, lending the entire scene an eerie tone.

Created by Luisa Uribe, this can be downloaded here.

Rose iPhone Background

Created with love by Alberto Verdu – a graphic designer living and working in Valencia, this wallpaper features petals of a rose in black and white.

Looking quite attractive and artistic, the design is an example of pure class. The wallpaper can be downloaded here.

Kids A

Kids A Wallpaper

Featuring a girl with her hair tied in two braids, the yellow background of the wallpaper looks pretty. Designed by Luisa Uribe, this is a perfect fit for you if you love kids.

Wearing shabby clothes, the girl has her eyes towards the user which makes the wallpaper a bit more interactive. You may download it here.


Barba iPhone Wallpaper

A rather strange design featuring a bald man trying to say something to the user, the background has been painted in two different colors. Small fish like creatures make it more beautiful.

The contrast between red and blue has been shown nicely. You may download it here.


Cabello Background

Depicting a rather sad and confused woman with the background displaying a contrast of green and violet, the wallpaper has been designed by Veruka Velazco – an illustration and graphic designer based in Spain.

The lively wallpaper can be downloaded here.

Yeti Day

Yeti Day

Created by Lucas Jubb – a freelance illustrator and designer from England, the design features shades of green. A caricature appears in the foreground with its eyes being the highlight of the entire scene. It is available for free download here.

Yeti Night

Yeti Night Wallpaper

Showing a night scene, the designer has carefully chosen violet shade on black to enhance the charm of the scene.

The big round eyes of the man in the foreground enhance the appeal of the artwork making it fit for adorning your screen.

You may download it here. It has been designed by Lucas Jubb.

Let’s All Get Along – Light

Light Wallpaper

Presenting an eye to eye contact between an octagon, a triangle, and a rhombus, the wallpaper is perfect for mathematics lovers.

Incredibly simple design with bright colors, the design is available for free download here. It has been designed by Monster Riot.

Let’s All Get Along – Dark

Dark iPhone Wallpaper

Featuring a circle, a pentagon and a square, the background of the wallpaper has been kept plain dark black. The colors of the geometrical shapes are bright and appeal to the mathematician in you. It can be downloaded here.

Into The Woods 1

Into The Woods 1

Designed by Studio Brun, the wallpaper has a very light background. With random leaves and petals, the wallpaper is a nice option for nature lovers.

The blue shade of the leaves goes quite well with the autumn leaves. You may download it here.

Into The Woods 2

Into The Woods 2

Yet another nature-inspired creation from Studio Brun, this one has a light blue background giving the vibes of a calm lake. You may download this cool wallpaper designed by Studio Brun here.

White Socks 1

White Socks 1

Brought to you by Efon Vee, the wallpaper has an appealing design with a stack of small cars on a dingy background. This nice-looking artwork can be downloaded free of cost here.

Flora 1

Flora 1

This design seems to have been created especially for admirers of nature. Created by Daphna Sebbane – a graphic designer based in Texas, the wallpaper features a dark black background.

You may download it here.

Flora 2

Flora 2

A cross pattern of hexagons and flowers, this wallpaper has been designed by Daphna Sebbane. The background is pure black and shades of green have been used to enhance it even more. You may download it here.


Weightless Wallpaper

Based on a white background, the design is split into many unrelated parts. The center of the artwork shows a man with split facial features in a gravity-less atmosphere. It has been designed by Marco Obando. You can download it here.

Slippery Sumo

Slippery Sumo Wallpaper

Showcasing sumo wrestling between two creatures, the background shows distant plants of cactus. Designed by Marco Obando – an illustrator from Costa Rica, this free wallpaper can be downloaded from here.


Lion Wallpaper

Designed by Diana Hope – an illustrator from Moscow, the wallpaper features a sad lion with sun rising in the background. The low-lying mountains add to the beauty of the scenery even more. You can download it here.



Showcasing a natural snow clad scenery, and a walrus in the foreground, the design has a polar touch and a natural appeal. You may download it here. It has been designed by Diana Hope.

Wet Bunny

Wet Bunny Wallpaper

A wet bunny hung for drying on a rope along with other stuff, the wallpaper has a rather funny design. The background has been kept plain blue. Designed by Efon Vee – it can be downloaded here.

Wet Teddy

Wet Teddy Wallpaper

An attractive design with a touch of innocence, the wallpaper features a yellow background and a big brown teddy bear hanging on a rope. The eyes of the animal have a gloomy look. You may download it here.

Out 1

tech-inspired wallpaper

A tech-inspired wallpaper, the wallpaper features a robot in the outer space. Download this free wallpaper with a star-studded background here. It has been designed by Gabriela Zurda – an illustrator from Spain.

Out 2

Stunning iPhone Wallpapers

An interesting color combination of violet and blue, the wallpaper is a nice piece for tech-savvy guys. The design is highly complex and detailed. It can be downloaded here. It has been designed by Gabriela Zurda.


Concertina Wallpaper

An interactive wallpaper showing a man playing a musical instrument, the design is simple. It has been downloaded here.


Ukelele Wallpaper

Designed by Mario Pinheiro, the design features a woman with a guitar in a hand. Handcrafted for music lovers, this wallpaper can be downloaded here.

Final Word

These were some of the good wallpaper designs for Apple devices. All of these are quality designs created with an eye for details. They can be customized by the user as per their taste.

Just grab one and give your phone a unique makeover!

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