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Boosted (2023): Top Features & Pricing

Create high-quality custom videos for all different platforms to grow your business

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Boosted Overview

An affordable, easy, intuitive, and fast video creation tool for marketing use cases, Boosted is available on desktop or mobile.

Choose from a big repository of video templates created by pro designers and customize your video for any platform in a few minutes.

Video is one of the most popular and effective content types for marketers these days. Using video to promote your business, you have a huge potential audience on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

To learn more about creating a custom video using Boosted, let’s look at the product in detail below.

Boosted Top Features

  • Top-quality, ready-made templates
  • Quick video resizing to fit different platforms
  • Ready to use video clips
  • Customize color palettes, fonts
  • Customize video clips
  • Add your own logo
  • Free stock library
  • Free music library

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Using text and images alone to support your marketing strategies just won’t cut it anymore. It can be tough to hear, but it’s the truth.

If you want to stand out from your competitors, you need to engage your audiences better, drive more conversions and sales, and invest in video marketing.

If you’re still overwhelmed by the idea of making video a big part of your marketing mix, then you’d be wise to check out the Boosted by Lightricks web app and mobile apps.

Whether you’re promoting products, engaging with your social media followers, acquiring an audience with a media buy or building your personal brand with video, Boosted provides the tools you need to create professional marketing videos – efficiently and at scale, even if you don’t have any visuals or video footage of your own to work with. 

In this review, we’ll look at the Boosted app’s features and functionalities and how to use them to create videos for your brand. 

Boosted at a Glance 

Boosted by Lightricks offers a free online video creation app that helps eCommerce business owners, marketers, social media managers, freelancers and more make professional-looking marketing and business videos. 

It offers libraries of video templates, stock clips, music and fonts, along with easy yet powerful editing tools to create beautiful videos that you can use as organic social posts or ads to help promote your products and offers, reach new audiences, and engage your followers.

Boosted promises quick and easy video and content creation through an intuitive interface and essential editing tools. 

Let’s dive in and look at Boosted’s key features. 

Ready-to-Use Templates

If you don’t have a ton of time or experience creating videos using original footage and a pro editing app, Boosted’s library of templates can help you make your videos. 

This way, you never need to start from scratch. Instead, you can build on their professionally-made templates and make them suitable for your brand and video content. 

Boosted Video Template

The app has heaps of templates for different industries, from real estate, fashion and food to seasonal categories. Many are free, and with an affordable subscription upgrade, you can gain unlimited access to them all.

You can customize the templates to your liking to reflect your branding and message. If you have pre-made video clips, you can easily replace the template’s default clips with your own. 

Video Editor

The app’s video editor environment doesn’t look overwhelming. Learning how to use it isn’t time-consuming because of how intuitive the features, labels and navigation are.

It offers only the essential tools you need, such as the options to add media, music, colors, text and font styles, to help you create stunning marketing videos quickly and easily.

Boosted Video Editor

You’ll also get to preview your video instantly to see how it looks while you work on it and make changes quickly when you need to, streamlining your editing process. 

Boosted templates contain default video clips, but you can change or add to them when you choose other clips from the app’s stock library.

Boosted Video

Get royalty-free video clips and images to include in your marketing videos, which you can select from Boosted’s integration with Pixabay, or by uploading your own content.

Boosted Resize Video

Additionally, the app lets you resize your videos to pre-set options to fit the social media platforms where you publish your videos. This helps you avoid having awkward white space around your videos that isn’t visually pleasing to viewers. 

How to Use the App

The Boosted app’s interface is simple and easy to navigate. After choosing a template, you’ll be directed to the video editor tool. 

Start by selecting a template, then choose your video orientation and name your Project. 

Next, head to the Media tool and upload any videos, images and logos you like from your local drive, so you can easily work with them in the project.  

Boosted Video Creation

Your video timeline will appear at the bottom of the editing tool interface, and you can easily add and remove segments to integrate any of the elements that you’ve selected or imported. 

To edit the text, or anything else, in each video segment, click the button beside the video preview, and you’ll see the editing options. 

Boosted Video Customization

Type in your text and choose a font style and color, alignment, capitalization, and add a shadow effect. 

Boosted Video Text

The app also lets you adjust your image and video clips by replacing and trimming them and even adding filters to match your brand’s color scheme. 

Video Editor

Another way to trim your video is to click the timeline at the bottom and drag and drop each segment to your desired length. For continuous clips, hover over the media timeline until the Split Clip option appears, then select to separate the video clips. 

To add music and audio, you can use the defaults associated with your template, upload your own from your drive, or choose from the Boosted app’s music library. 

Video Editor Boosted

You can also trim the audio and adjust the volume. 

Boosted lets you instantly preview any revisions you make or add to your videos, allowing you to edit in real time.

For instance, when choosing colors and font styles for your text, the tool shows you an instant preview as you scroll through the Colors Library and Fonts Library, streamlining your video creation and editing process.

Boosted video color customization

Once you’re done customizing and editing your video, click export, and Boosted will automatically download your video, in high-resolution MP4 format, to your device. 

Boosted download Video

From here, it’s easy to upload the clip to the platform of your choice, whether that’s a social app, an ad buying platform or any other content management system.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create professional-looking marketing and business videos, then Boosted by Lightricks might be your best option. 

There are many video creation apps available on the market today. Many of them offer more features, more templates, and more extensive stock libraries than Boosted. But with Boosted, Lightricks has created a happy medium – a diverse library of beautiful templates that’s easy to customize quickly, to whatever extent you like. 

It’s a great app for content creators who don’t specialize in video or those who don’t have a lot of time – but who realize that in 2021, publishing video content, at scale, as part of a healthy marketing mix, is a must. 

Boosted Pricing

Boosted offers you a completely free plan to create highly optimized videos for YouTube, Instagram, and other platforms. However, if you need more resources you will need to upgrade your account to Pro for $5/month (Limited time offer)

Boosted FAQs

Q1. What do people use Boosted for?

You can use Boosted to create beautiful videos and visual content for your business marketing, advertising, social media marketing and other promotional needs.

The video maker has the tools that let you create engaging content and showcase timely offers that can help boost your business. You can use these videos for paid or unpaid posts on social media, or anywhere else.  

Q2. What social media platforms can I create videos for with Boosted?

Your social media video projects on Boosted are optimized for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat and TikTok. 

Q3. Is Boosted the best video creation app?

Like most tools, Boosted has its pros and cons, but it is working toward improving many of its features and tools. There are many video creator apps available.

The biggest reasons to check out Boosted include:

  • Ease of use, with an intuitive interface
  • Eye-catching, fully-customizable templates for easy video creation
  • Free and very affordable pricing plans
  • Includes the essential features and tools needed to create professional-looking marketing and social media videos with ease

Q4. What features are available in the free version?

You can access more than 40 templates with Boosted for free. Otherwise, all of the features are identical to the Pro version. Same editor, same export options, no Boosted-branded watermark or monthly limits.

Q5. Am I allowed to use my exported Boosted videos for commercial purposes?

Yes. All the images, music and video clips available within the app’s libraries have all rights cleared and are licensed for commercial use. 

As long as you include assets you own or those offered by the app – including royalty-free media from Pixabay – for your projects, you won’t have any commercial use issues. 

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