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The 5 Real Barriers Standing Between You and Your Goal

Last updated: October 7, 2016

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.

– Colin Powell

Yeah! Good to know that you have goals. You aspire to achieve something out of your design. That’s commendable. But the road to success is not a straight-line path.

It is a tricky pathway of rocky cliffs poised to bring you down every single moment. As the saying goes, it takes years and years of hardcore perseverance and effort before becoming an overnight success.

Ask Arnold Schwarzenegger, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Nikola Tesla, Elon Musk or any of those versatile leaders that you follow now and then. All will have the same things to say. Having goals and dreams is one thing. Everyone has them.

The real deal beings when you take the first step and move half an inch closer to it.

You are almost ready. You are tired of the sick mundane routine that life has churned out for you. But you are wrong. Life has got nothing to do with your boring Mondays and passed out weekends. It is you who has given way to comfort and made that choice. Let’s rattle that comfort of yours a bit.

Here are 5 Real Barriers Keeping you away from your goals

#1 Fake Friends

Do your thing

It’s Friday night! You are off from a tiresome week. You reach home, freshen up and look at your guitar sitting there, waiting to be played, waiting to be rocked on!

You feel it. A sudden urge to grab on to it and start playing your favorite Pink Floyd number but suddenly you get a ping from your BFF.

Hey see you at Beer Café.” Suddenly, all the Pink Floyd mannerisms vanish, and your mind starts echoing about getting high on booze and relaxing uselessly for the next two days.

And… you call that friendship. NO!

The first step toward getting ready is trimming out what’s not needed and who is not needed!

It is our peer group, friends, and family that bring us down. Their security loving minds don’t understand that you were made to flap your wings free and live the dream. So don’t listen to them. Start being a loner. This way, you will be able to expand that 1-minute focus into an evergreen one!

#2 Self-doubt


It’s natural! You are passionate about your idea and you believe it will be a stellar success, but there is still the doubt of failure.

I will tell you something. There are two best positions in a race. The first position, and the last position.

You come first, well and good. But all the better if initially, you come last. Remember, you are new to the game and the best way to learn it is by losing a few times, hitting the ground hard and then standing back on your feet.

Don’t doubt yourself your success and glory. It’s an experience, not an achievement. What matters is the process. Till and when you are making an effort, don’t doubt anything. Just keep working.

#3 Your Comfort Zone

out of your comfort zone

Having a secure lifestyle, with a good salary, benefits, and manageable credits may feel good. But is that really what you want? Are you happy and satisfied with it? If yes, then well, I am no one to contest your opinion.

But I think…. that is not the case. Each of us has dreams, and powerful people have often said that:

Our dreams are not merely fragments of imagination but hint to our true purpose

If you want to achieve something, then you will have to rip your comfort zone apart. You will have to face stuff you haven’t faced before, go through seemingly endless difficulties in personal life, finances and work.

They are difficulties at first because you are shredding your comfort zone and that’s important. A true visionary is an individual whose mind adapts to any situation. For that to happen, you need to be tested. So don’t hesitate, plunge in!

#4 Impatience


Ooh! The new iPhone 7 series is out. “So shiny, so chrome!” [To understand reference, please see Mad Max Fury Road starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron]

You don’t have enough savings, but you cannot control your cravings: That’s impatience. You rush out with your credit card and get an EMI that will irritate you for next two years.

Still want the phone?

Stop being needy if you want to achieve your dream goals. Minimize your requirements according to your goals and see the magic happen!

Ancient and modern leaders perceive patience as one of the greatest human qualities. Did you know that Einstein postulated relativity in 1905, but it was verified by experiment in 1917?

Do you have the patience to wait that long? That’s why everyone can’t be an Einstein.

Patience is an essential learning in most struggle-to-success stories. Hang in there and keep working. You will be there when the time is right. There is no defeating time. There is only MAXIMUM EFFORT.

#5 Practice


Mohammad Ali, one of my greatest heroes and all time greatest Boxing champion one said:

I don’t count my sit-ups all the way. I only start counting, when it starts hurting.”

That is practice. Needless to say, it makes you reach perfection. If you want to be good at something, do it more than anyone has ever done it! That’s the only way.

Success comes to the initiated. If you keep sitting around your comfort zone, waiting for things to happen, for a magical hand to come and take you to paradise then keep waiting… you will grow old and die only with regrets.

Let go instead. Embrace life and your purpose in it. You are not meant to live insignificantly. Realize that and make a killing out of it.

Stay motivated!

The 5 Real Barriers Standing Between You and Your Goal
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