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14 Instagram Best Practices To Build A Strong Profile

Last updated: June 9, 2017

Social media has gained immense popularity. Now not only youngsters, but the entrepreneurs, organizations and more people have started reaping benefits of social networking sites. From Facebook to Twitter and Tumblr to Flickr these social networking platforms have been using extensively.

Instagram is an online image sharing site, which is mushrooming day by day. According to reports, Instagram has approx. 300 million active users, hence business and brands are moving towards Instagram. After the acquisition by Facebook, Instagram got more users and exponential expansion.

Why do You need To Build A Strong Instagram Profile?

Making strong Instagram profile should not be only about uploading amazing pictures and videos. One should understand the benefits of using Instagram.  Reports say that Instagram ranks the uppermost giving brand more engagement than Twitter and Facebook. Irrespective of your business being small or big, if you have a tendency to tell your story visually, then you should use Instagram to add more followers for your business marketing.

The competition is huge, so you have to set your goals. Many brands only focus on getting more followers, and they keep posting scores of photos ambiguously. On the other hand, a few post photos and videos with meaningful content. So, you have to decide what you want, more followers or genuine target audiences who have the knack of understanding your business.

Let us go through a few tips that help build a strong Instagram profile.

  1. A Strong Bio Attracts More Followers

The more transparent your view is, the clearer it will be when connecting with users. Always give more importance to your company’s bio because this is the first thing that users will see while going through your profile. Don’t make it lengthy keep it short and informative. Let your bio speak the mission of your brand. Explain your business to your target audiences. You can provide a particular hobby, profession, interest or skill in your bio. It builds a rapport with the followers as they can see your professional as well as the personal side.

  1. Keywords

When you use keywords, it helps your niche audience reach you quickly. Keywords let you define your core values. They are healthy carriers of your purpose, personality, and image. Keywords present to your users the flexibility to identify and relate with you. You must explain what you do and who you are. Keywords let you share your personality with your users.

  1. Your Links

Your profile must have links to your blog, website, e-books, web-books or any other appropriate digital content that can establish a connection with your users. You can use the bio to incorporate clickable links. Each instance when you publish a new blog post, update it in your profile. You can also promote any podcast, event, or a webinar and post those links in your Instagram profile. You can also share a few office shots or videos.

  1. Creativity

Creativity has space everywhere. Your Instagram profile is no exception. Be creative and think of innovative and creative ways such as fancy or changing fonts, including customized hashtags, using emoji, playing with the available space and much more ways. Try and play with the alignment of the text.

For example, you can think of aligning your text vertically in a mobile application. If you have a product to show, try to show it in motion. Think of playing with the background. We humans have an inclination towards a stunning backdrop or background. Try and add inspirational and meaningful quotes. You can use, for example, Canva to add some artwork. The best profiles have stimulating visuals and captivating content.

  1. Captivating Content Catches Target Audiences

What you write will always reach your audiences, some might neglect it, and some may forget it. However, nobody will neglect or forget a captivating content that is intriguing. Provide content which reflects values.  You can use Instagram as a visual media platform to engage users and convey your messages. If you want genuine followers for the marketing of your brand, then you have to work on your content and try to make it informative, meaningful and legitimate. By sharing fresh content regularly, you can build a trust and rapport with your audiences. This practice will invite more followers.

  1. A Simple Profile Picture

Now here comes the term where you do not need to research more. If you cannot decide and get a perfect picture for your Instagram profile picture, then stop working on it and just put your company’s logo. Yes, you heard it right! Your company’s logo will reflect the motive of your business. So, keep it simple for the users and let them understand the reason of yours to advertise the brand on Instagram. A meaningless picture will look sloppy, and it can affect the credibility of your brand.

  1. Involve With Your Followers

The more you get involved with your followers, the more they will get to know your business. If someone is following you, it indicates that he/she is showing interest in what you offer. Instagram is a medium to interact with others via photos. So, keep posting meaningful photos and videos. The involvement does not complete till you reciprocate and like and comment on other’s photos too.

  1. Hashtag Becomes Latest Tool Of Promotion

Hashtags are an essential ingredient of Instagram marketing. Hashtags are useful to find and share topics of interest. Hashtags convert into clickable links that route the user to other posts with the same hashtag. Pick appropriate hashtags for your product and brand. Use your hashtags to promote your brand and let your follower use that hashtag for advertisement.

You can use various hashtags to advertise more. Hashtags increase your search in the network. Therefore, tagging your posts with relevant hashtags will enhance search results for you and your target audience will quickly find you. You can also create branded hashtags or launch a hashtag campaign to make a stronger presence.

  1. Make Your Username Identifiable And Stand Out

Ensure your username is readily detectable. Include skills or profession in your username such as Mr. ABC, Social Media Consultant. Try to put your business name in your username or may be the initial. It will help the users to find your business on Instagram quickly, and they can find your account by searching your brand.

The business name always seems below the username in the search option. A readily searchable and recognizable username along with discrete relevant keywords placed in your profile help increase search results for the profile. It ensures that users will easily find you.

  1. Enable Your Profile As Public

In case you want more followers, don’t turn your profile to private. A private profile doesn’t get many followers. Users won’t understand that are you worth following or not, since they can’t see your posts. Therefore, if you want your follower list whoppingly big for your brand marketing then keep your post public. However, if you are using Instagram for your personal use, then you can keep your profile private to filter unwanted users.

  1. Keep Posting Pictures With Good Caption

Instagram is all about visual storytelling. A picture with a brilliant caption can entice more followers. If you post pictures or videos frequently by giving appealing captions, your followers will cherish it. Nobody wants to follow someone who disappears or post dull pictures without mentioning about it.

As a user, you have the flexibility to add any length of the caption. However, a good practice will be to keep the caption straightforward and brief. Therefore, an intriguing and appealing photo with a simple caption is almost certain to catch the eyes of the audiences. This habit will help you to interrelate more with your followers.

  1. Revert To Each Comment You Get

Reverting to comments is a good sign that indicates you appreciate your follower’s participation or this will also show that their involvement is perceptible. So, don’t take your followers comment casually, let them realize that you are scanning each comment.

  1. Motivate Your Spectators

Posting pictures regularly on Instagram is fine, but you have to understand the importance of your followers. Don’t post inappropriate stuff, instead post photos or videos that are relevant to your brand and rather which can inspire the audiences. Share an intriguing story or something enthusiastic.

  1. Integration With Other Social Media Platforms

Overlapping your Instagram account with other social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ shall provide you multiple benefits. Thus, sharing photos on all such platforms shall increase your following manifolds.


Instagram is a great platform for personal as well as business use. This image-based social media platform is growing exponentially. One finds a plenitude of users on Instagram. One should make a strong profile to grab the attention of the users. No matter whether you are making a profile for your personal use or for promoting your brand, you should make it appealing and genuine. This platform is highly engaging, and you should fetch full benefits from it. Follow these Instagram practices to build a strong profile, and you will attain a massive following soon.

14 Instagram Best Practices To Build A Strong Profile
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